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Meet Leah Giesbrecht - Nurse Warrior

Allow me the privilege to introduce you to a Warrior named Leah. Her story is filled with so much courage, resilience, love and determination. No matter the odds that are stacked against us, we all have within us the spirit of a Warrior who is waiting for their call to rise.


"I’ve never really been comfortable sharing my story because of the years I’ve had people judge me for the way I live my life, but people don’t actually know what’s going on below the surface and what I endured.

I was adopted when I was 3 weeks old, I knew from a very young age that I was, and I grew up with the most supportive parents I could’ve asked for, but when high school hit so did my attitude and my anger. I never really fit in to any group in school, and was bullied quite a bit. People just didn’t get me. 
I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour when I was 16 which meant lots of doctors appointments, and lots of scans. Lots of watching to see how fast it was growing. When I was in my early 20’s I chose to do what Canada considers a alternative method of treatment, and within 8 months my tumour was gone. 
My whole life has been a constant fight. I’ve gone through multiple jobs, and moved multiple times. It wasn’t till I got into nursing that I found my calling. 
My Warrior necklace is my anchor. It reminds me every day how far I’ve come. It never comes off, and my Love bracelet reminds me that I’m worthy of having love in my life everyday. I have some amazing people that surround me and inspire me everyday, and I am so thankful for Amanda and her support and inspiration over the last couple of years, and her impact that she’s making on this world!!"
She continues to Warrior on and tirelessly puts herself out there to help others do the same. Leah, for all you are, and all you do - we are so grateful!
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Meet Warrior Wanda 
“Remembering I am enough changed everything for me.”

I’m not sure why this isn’t something that is taught when we are young, I guess it’s because our mothers weren’t taught that either. Self care wasn’t a priority or even a thing in my house. I witnessed sacrifice, sadness, deprivation, people pleasing, arguing, and a lack mentality.

I was in a very unhealthy marriage and stayed well beyond the point of expiration bc I had nowhere to go, and didn’t think that I could make it on my own. I was constantly told that I wasn’t good enough + that no one would want me + that I would fail. I was a stay at home mom + didn’t have any income to support the leap. It was a very lonely time.

Then one night and l looked at my daughter + thought - what advice would I give her? I watched my mom stay, struggle + watched the light in her eyes go out + I realized in that moment that I was my mother. Something we say we will never be, yet there I was, I was her. I decided that I had all I needed inside of me to change the course of destiny. This was not going to be my daughter's fate too. I found the Warrior within and I got my ducks in a row and left.

I was cut off from all financial support + had to go on Govt assistance, but we were free. Laughter started to fill our tiny little apartment again. I started working for a friend who owned a business and little by little I worked my way off assistance and went back to school. I remember reading something that asked if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you attempt? If you believed you were enough what would you try?

I am an RN now, my daughter is thriving, believes in herself because that is the example that I set for myself. I know that I am ENOUGH! While it wasn’t something that was modelled to me, it is something that I remind myself and anyone who will listen. This line of jewelry is a beautiful anchor + reminder.

I’m sharing my story so you know that you too have the strength within you to go after that new job, overcome that diagnosis, leave that toxic relationship. Will there be fear? Yes but you’re a warrior too! You have everything you need to get through, all you have to do it decide.

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