8 Week Course Breakdown to Breakthrough

8 Week Course Breakdown to Breakthrough

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A sacred self-care journey for women who are looking to get in touch with who they were born to be.

With science-backed techniques and subconscious reprogramming, this course will help you become more confident, secure, abundant, and free.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You're tired of the pursuit of BEing enough, DOing enough, feeling enough.
  • You're tired of going through every single day wondering if you did enough, are enough, gave enough, cared enough? ⁣
  • You're tired of chasing love, acceptance, validation, money, worthiness in the form of relationships, jobs, and your appearance.
  • You're feeling frustrated by the lack of results showing up in your life.
  • You're tired of self-abandoning your needs, your dreams, your wants.
  • You're ready to learn how to stop self-betraying and convincing yourself that you don’t really want the things that you know (deep down) will benefit you and are ready to do "the work".
  • You're done with breaking promises that you make to yourself repeating patterns and behaviors that you know don't serve you.

This self-guided 8-week course will help you completely rewiring your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that creates 95% of your reality and the part where you spend 95% of your time repeating patterns from) and will help you let go of the things that are blocking you from living your best life. You can't have a 100% high vibing life using only 5% of your brain.

This digital course that I've created is a beautiful container for transformation to happen. My teachings are my very real "life" lessons from rock bottom out. I share all the tools + teachings that I spent over 6 figures learning. I've done all the heavy lifting and I break it down for you so you have a road map out. I introduce you to yourself the YOU before you conditioned out your essence to get love and feel worthy. Before you believed the fears in your head. 

I want to help you understand that who you are is always at the mercy of your "story" and patterns and WHO you're choosing to BE. 

Fears are feelings, not facts. Together, we will rewrite your story so you can energetically show up wholly, vulnerably, honestly, and confidently. Week by week we will go deeper uncovering the deep subconscious blocks that exist and are standing in your way and remove them, so you live your highest potential unapologetically. 

I will guide you with actionable steps, we will get to the root of what's blocking you and with science-backed journaling prompts we will rewrite your story in order to help reinforce your authentic self on a conscious and subconscious level.

  • Includes your own personal dashboard where the course is housed.
  • Access to our private Facebook group for support.
  • Lifetime access. As the course gets updated ( and it does, as I learn and grow, I go pour back into the course, so you can grow too!)
  • Audio recordings to you can listen on the go.

Over 680 People have taken this course and their lives have never been the same. When you know better, you can do better.

For the full course information, you can visit the Breakdown to Breakthrough here.

You will be granted immediate access upon sign up. See you on the inside!

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Guide How To

If there was ever a how-to guide to look within, this is it. You feel like you are with Amanda as you are taking the course. Her writing is witty, like talking to your friend. The exercises are hard and really make you dig deep. I got stuck a few times and I reached out and was supported in the most loving way. If your are curious about why you do what you do. You'll know why after this course. I still go back in after the after and reference the wisdom shared. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help people like us find healing.

Canada Canada
Thank you

I didn’t realize how much baggage I was carrying around and how much of it wasn't even mine to carry. I had such low levels of self-esteem and it was disempowering me and I was miserable and I didn't even know why. I was so used to it that it almost felt normal. But once you learn to unpack and build up your sense of self and you give yourself permission to be happy you wonder how it's possible to have felt so numb and so bad for so long. This is such a beautiful program Amanda has created. You feel like you're talking with your best friend and they're putting your life ( all of it ) into perspective. I had so many breakthroughs that the name is certainly fitting. You can feel the truth and the love she put into it. This isn’t a self-improvement course — it’s a life-changing transformational practice. Life will never be the same! Forever grateful I started following you on social media and it lead me here.

Canada Canada

This course is amazing. Be prepared to put in the work though, because it will challenge you in ways that you probably have never been challenged before. You will come out the other side with a whole new understanding and appreciation for yourself. I am NOT the same woman coming out of this that I was walking into this. I now understand WHY I do what I do, I better understand my relationship and my kids. My marriage is better because I know how to ask for what I need and I know how to give myself permission to take the time I need also. I was at the mercy of so many stories and conditioning that I didn't understand but layer by layer this course helped me unpack them and write a truer more freeing reframe. Forever grateful. If you're looking to understand why you might be unhappy, why you are attracting people into your life that don't help you go where you want to go, if you can't say no and don't know how to put yourself on any list and if you're dying to understand why you can't finish anything you say you want, then sign up! You will gain all kinds of clarity of who you are BEING and it's such a game changer. My income has skyrocketed and my relationships are better than ever, including the ones with my parents.

Canada Canada
It’s so easy & it’s so hard

The moment I realized my feelings of not enough were never about me but rather the other person & their story, was the most freeing moment. It was exactly as the course had stated it would do for me, a breakdown to a breakthrough. No more victim role. Just living life in my best way possible. This journey & course is personal & unique to you. But I promise the self reflection & the awareness is freedom.

Melanie D.
Canada Canada
Thank you for this course

I just finished this course in her Masterclass that ended 2 weeks ago and WHOA! This course is such a compassionate, 'no BS' reflection of the courage and strength she has exuded throughout her own journey AND a representation of exactly what you will get out of it if you are truly ready to (actually) change your life and "change your story"; This course will push you *so far out of your comfort zone* with its 'hard life lessons' and critical analysis of everything from your relationships to your career and "who you thought you HAD to be" within their constraints...Amanda will illuminates truths in your life that many of us have probably never even considered or been aware of (in ourselves); Through sincere, heartfelt words of experience and vulnerability you'll feel like you're growing *with her* as you tackle your own 'inner demons' and summon the courage to take-back control of your own life, shaping it like the masterpiece you knew you were always capable of Not only do I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make the jump and try it out for yourself; I urge you to SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY/ EXPERIENCE with *every single person* you love so everyone around you can experience *the magic* that comes with "giving yourself permission" to change the course (and quality) of the rest of your life SIDENOTE: As an author she's like Tony Robbins, Oprah and (your best friend) got together and decided to write a book that would change your life... Because of this course I've finally come to terms with some very painful parts of my past; her words "released me" from the cages I'd let other people build for me and finally gave me my "glow/sparkle" back —Now my mum and siblings are starting the course and it's opening up discussions that are freeing us all from the misnomers of the past and opening up new windows of self-transformation for each of them (Thank you for making this course!)