Self Worth Masterclass

Breakdown to Breakthrough Self Worth Masterclass

You've been lied to. You're not supposed to "get" or "find" what you want in life. You're supposed to create it. Your day, your lifestyle, your job, your love, your success, your desires, your fantasies, your magic, YOU. 

First, you've gotta become a conscious creator in your life, otherwise you’ll unconsciously be repeating unhealthy patterns, and that is the past on repeat. If you're ready to get to your whole, worthy, authentic, sovereign, and complete self, then join us! 

This six week transformational course utilizes the principles of neuroscience, psychology, and subconscious reprogramming, and is guaranteed to help you completely shift your reality by eliminating the blocks that are in your way from living your best life.

Who would you be without your stories of fear, unworthiness, sense of not feeling enough, scarcity, or loss? What would you do with the energy you spend on fearing, reacting, defending, projecting or regretting? 

What things would you create? What people would you attract? How would you love? Where would you live? Who would your friends be?

You probably already know how to be wronged by life, how to be disappointed and hurt, but what if you choose to be loved by it instead? 

Take full responsibility for your happiness, wellbeing, and prioritize yourself to commit to your personal transformation. Become an energetic match to the life and relationship you desire!  

Come join my Breakdown to Breakthrough Master Class! The journey to yourself is starting July 27th, 2021.