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I am a Top Forty under 40 Canadian recipient, was awarded a medal of Change from our Mayor, and was Knighted as a Dame into the Order of St.George in 2015. So, you can call me Dame Amanda! Super cool, right?

Outside of Worthy Wands, I have the privilege to coach gorgeous humans and help them rewrite their story. 

I blend Neuro-Linguistic Program, subconscious programming, intuitive development, quantum physics, neuroscience, soul love, and a lot of truth to guide people through an intimate transformational experience.

Those subjects allow people to play bigger, love harder, and experience more of who they are meant to be. I lead masterminds and create content to help people fall in love with themselves.

My greatest joy is helping people like you to untangle themselves from their story because we’re all professional storytellers. Some of the stories we tell are empowering, and others are extremely negative. 

If you read my story of how Worthy Wands came to be, you'll see that my story was extremely limiting and negative, and as a result, I suffered unnecessarily for decades.

I think “fake it until you make it” is the biggest disservice there is. I prefer “be it until you become it.”

When you can work towards owning your story, you have the power to change the ending. The first step is unbecoming all you unknowingly bought into and became before you realized you had a say.

We can’t positively think our way out of trauma and past limiting beliefs.

  • We cannot outperform our self-esteem. 
  • We cannot attract more than we think we’re worthy of. 
  •  We can’t truly love another until we learn to love ourselves unconditionally first.
  • This is huge and necessary, otherwise we outsource our value and our happiness for others approval and love.

Self worth is how we subconsciously value ourselves, what we believe ourselves to deserve, and we will sabotage absolutely anything that crosses that line.

If you're tired of the pursuit of being enough, are tired of chasing love, acceptance, validation, money, worthiness in the form of relationships, jobs, and your appearance, then check out some of my other work or come find me online. Instagram is my favorite app where I post daily inspiration!






    • Knighted as a Dame into the Order of St. George.  
    • Top Forty Under 40 winner. 
    • Have been recognized by the City of Ottawa as an Agent of Change.
    • Been featured in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, House & Home Magazine, Distinctive Women Magazine, Maclean’s, LCBO Food & Drink, Flare Magazine, Ottawa Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen (multiple times), and The Ottawa Business Journal (multiple times).
    • A regular contributor on CTV.