When COVID-19 hit, it did more than just grind our sense of normal to a halt while self-isolating to focus on 'flattening the curve'. It had almost the entire global civilization engaging in a protection response, hiding from one another and “locked down” in isolation and that presented new challenges on the forefront of Mental Health and highlighting how alone some of us felt, and how helpless others felt not being able to reach out and "be there" for the ones they loved.

I created #WarriorStrong to remind our most vulnerable, hidden, silenced, and heroic populations that they were alone. I created a campaign of buy one gift one to #SendSilentSupport to those that were need, something to tie them together while physically apart. I'm proud to say we sent over 100 Worthy Wands to various Women's Shelters, hospitals around Canada to loved ones around the world.