8 Week Course Breakdown to Breakthrough

8 Week Course Breakdown to Breakthrough

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A sacred self-care journey for women who are looking to get in touch with who they were born to be.

Are you full of self-doubt, do you find yourself feeling fearful and anxious?

  • Do you compare yourself against perfect strangers on the internet and allow your ego to tell you that you're failing at life?
  • Do you self-criticize?
  • Have you said affirmations, tried meditating?
  • Are you feeling frustrated + depressed because, after all the work, you still feel like it's not enough?

This used to be me, on repeat for years and I was a personal development junkie. Yet I continued to wake up feeling uninspired like I wasn't enough and was disappointed in myself more than I wasn't. I read all the books, attended the events, reposted all the memes, I was doing "all the right things" yet nothing changed. Until I changed. That's what I'm here to show you over the next 8 weeks. I don't want to just tell you - I want to show you. 

We've learned how to cope, be, exist from our parents

We have fragile egos and boy oh boy do those egos love to judge because it’s easy. Because it takes little thought or asking of questions or reflection. Because it’s what's familiar, the mind loves the familiar, but the time has come to unlearn these patterns that no longer serve us. 

We are taught what to believe and how to act growing up, but we were not taught how to FEEL.

We were expected to believe what our family believed and because our brains work like a computer, we accepted and downloaded those programs because we trusted the source.⁣ Understanding who ​we want to BE in our own story ​means we can uninstall the programs that ​aren't serving ​us anymore​.​

We can't positively think our way out of trauma + past limiting beliefs. Our self-worth is how we subconsciously value ourselves and what we believe we deserve, and we will sabotage absolutely anything that crosses that line. Trust me, I tried to positive think my way out of my rock-bottom and the universe quickly showed me who was boss. This is because we manifest from our thoughts and our subconscious beliefs. 

This digital course that I've created is a beautiful container for transformation to happen. My teachings are my very real "life" lessons from rock bottom out. I share all the tools + teachings that I spent over 6 figures learning. I've done all the heavy lifting and I break it down for you so you have a road map out. I introduce you to yourself the YOU before you conditioned out your essence to get love and feel worthy. Before you believed the fears in your head. 

Fears are feelings not facts. Together, we will rewrite the story of you so you can energetically show up wholly, vulnerably, honestly, and confidently. Week by week we will go deeper uncovering the deep subconscious blocks that exist and are standing in your way and remove them, so you live your highest potential unapologetically. 

I will guide you with actionable steps and journaling prompts to reinforce your authentic self on a conscious and subconscious level. It starts with getting in touch with what's standing in the way of you believing you're enough.

For the full course information, you can visit the Breakdown to Breakthrough here.

You will be granted immediate access upon sign up. See you on the inside!

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Canada Canada
It’s so easy & it’s so hard

The moment I realized my feelings of not enough were never about me but rather the other person & their story, was the most freeing moment. It was exactly as the course had stated it would do for me, a breakdown to a breakthrough. No more victim role. Just living life in my best way possible. This journey & course is personal & unique to you. But I promise the self reflection & the awareness is freedom.

Melanie D.
Canada Canada
Thank you for this course

I just finished this course in her Masterclass that ended 2 weeks ago and WHOA! This course is such a compassionate, 'no BS' reflection of the courage and strength she has exuded throughout her own journey AND a representation of exactly what you will get out of it if you are truly ready to (actually) change your life and "change your story"; This course will push you *so far out of your comfort zone* with its 'hard life lessons' and critical analysis of everything from your relationships to your career and "who you thought you HAD to be" within their constraints...Amanda will illuminates truths in your life that many of us have probably never even considered or been aware of (in ourselves); Through sincere, heartfelt words of experience and vulnerability you'll feel like you're growing *with her* as you tackle your own 'inner demons' and summon the courage to take-back control of your own life, shaping it like the masterpiece you knew you were always capable of Not only do I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make the jump and try it out for yourself; I urge you to SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY/ EXPERIENCE with *every single person* you love so everyone around you can experience *the magic* that comes with "giving yourself permission" to change the course (and quality) of the rest of your life SIDENOTE: As an author she's like Tony Robbins, Oprah and (your best friend) got together and decided to write a book that would change your life... Because of this course I've finally come to terms with some very painful parts of my past; her words "released me" from the cages I'd let other people build for me and finally gave me my "glow/sparkle" back —Now my mum and siblings are starting the course and it's opening up discussions that are freeing us all from the misnomers of the past and opening up new windows of self-transformation for each of them (Thank you for making this course!)

Rose L.
Canada Canada
If you are ready to meet yourself, sign up now!

While it took me almost 6 months to complete, I can't say ENOUGH about how this course has changed my life. I am not the same woman that walked into this course. It challenges your "story" and empowers you to take back control! I never realized how deep my story went and how it was keeping me playing small in every aspect of life. I worked with Amanda one on one because I was having a tough time breaking through. She's amazingly compassionate and was the push that I needed. There was never any judgment but she's a BS detective and calls you out every damn time! ha ha super grateful. Thank you for giving me a second chance at life. xoxoxo

Shirley M.
Canada Canada
Life changing

Amanda has made all the difference for me. I started to follow her on Facebook a few months back and could not believe that she was so ‘like’ me? How could she actually have had so many of the same feeling as I’ve had or still do have and be so successful? Little did I know that once I started to ‘follow’ her I could not help myself but to go to her page and see what ‘gem’ she’d have up next. Each one was better than the last and she was speaking everything I’ve been feeling - All. My. Life. It just never dawned on me that someone like her, beautiful, successful and insightful could have ever had a ‘hard’ time in life. Who was this person she was continuously ‘eluding’ to? This broken, shattered but rebuilt person who has felt as much pain as I have, who has gone to the brink and come back – as I have, who was she? I just could not get enough of her posts and with each line I just knew she WAS ME! How could this be? How could anyone but ME have felt so much pain and heart break but turn it around to be so successful? Is it even possible? How did she do it? I just couldn’t understand? Is this what we should do with pain? Is this REALLY how it goes? Then I realized that yes, it’s really - how it goes…IF WE CHOOSE IT!! WOOOOOOOW … Should we actually allow others to see and know that we too struggle and hurt and think the scary, crazy thoughts? When I told her I’d just bought her course and couldn’t stop crying she told me – "that’s because you’ve just saved yourself, they are happy tears!" They won’t stop – I told her. She told me, "that won’t help you! Then I saw her words, decide, commit, stop the story! It’s - over, let it aaaalll go, it’s no longer serving you!" Just having her ‘with me’ even though it’s ‘cyber’ was such a comfort and truly floored me how ‘in- tune’ she was with me in that instant, she KNEW me, she WAS me and she was going to HELP me! I have never felt that level of understanding or comfort in my life! It’s brought about such deep changes in me (I’m still a work in progress) and now I know - we all are and it’s ok to trip and fall on our faces! It’s ok to ‘start over’ again, its OK to not be perfect! PHEW, what an effing relief!! I’m forever grateful to you – beauty, for cracking and helping those of us who have also cracked and now, through you - know it’s not easy, but, it is possible to put ourselves back together again with renewed vision, courage and strength. Your course and guidance has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in my life and now I’m on a journey of Breakdown to Breakthrough with you as my guide and my sounding board. Not just your courses but your words and your presence in my life - even through this keyboard have been more ‘real’ than actual people standing right in front of me… Forever grateful for you. Love Shirley

Canada Canada
Changed my Life

This course has changed my life. It's given me the confidence to show up as myself and who I was born to be. Amanda really talks to you like a best friend, she shares her pain and you're able to see your pain in hers and have hope. It's a beautiful journey of surrender. I fought my way through it, and busted through some stories that were holding me back from living my best life. My marriage has improved, my relationship with my kids has changed and I am just a happier person. Free is a word that comes to mind. Thank you for holding space for me to heal! Highly recommend!