Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma

I want to talk to you today about trauma. and how it might be preventing you from living your BEST life.

Trauma by definition is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a perceived dangerous world. It's a dysregulation of your nervous system.

If you're an adult reading this, it's more than likely that you've experience some Big T trauma, or some Little T trauma in your life, and when we don't take the time to properly acknowledge it,  unpack it, and the trauma is not resolved, it carries over into adulthood, setting the stage for further trauma. Or trauma bonding in our intimate relationships.

If you have some unresolved trauma in your life, acknowledge it - sit with it, feel it. We've been conditioned to run from pain, hide from it, stuff it down. Get over it, but eventually, it always catches up. I spent 4 decades running, I was a runner, and not the track and field kind, and it wasn’t until I decided to stop running, and actually faced it, that I found the healing that I needed to move forward in life. Bonus, I also found myself.

By acknowledging it you're making it real - and here's the truth - you're not responsible for what happened to you,  but you are responsible for your healing it so generationally it stops with you, because we repeat what we don't repair.

I want you to think of it this way, if someone dumps garbage in your front yard, whether you want it there or not, it's there - so you have a choice to make, every single day - step over it and pretend it's not there, or clean it up.

So much of our journey as adults is about acknowledging, and cleaning up the garbage because whether you like it or not, it's your house. Your body is your only permanent home, should it feel light and expansive and amazing right?

We need to feel it to heal it - name it to tame it because otherwise "your story", your trauma will prevent you from being the best you can be because you're looking through a lens, and a filter of unworthiness, shame, failure, smallness, often shrinking or blending in not to stand out so you won't get hurt again. Don't be the best, so you aren't seen. Blend in instead of stand out. This is because our brains are trying to keep us safe, not happy.

But what if you decided you were safe? What is you decided that it's time to get curious about your pain? Get curious about why you dim your light? Why you are attracting the same kind of unhealthy relationships into your life? Why you can't take chances, why you feel you're not worthy of living the most abundant and magnetic life possible? Why you think that others are luckier than you?

When you are willing to begin the process of healing, and start to overcome it in a safe container, be it with a coach, a therapist, friends who are qualified to hold space, what happens is you are no longer looking through life through the lens of unworthiness anymore because you've removed the charge so you can see clearly. From this place you're better able to make decisions, and take actions without the filter sabotaging you. Self love, and self worth for the win!

Bring it to the light so you aren't hiding from it anymore.

BUT, you have to believe that you're not only able to overcome and heal, but believe that learning self-love, self-worth, self-validation, and everything that comes along with who you actually are is possible.

You have to be willing to admit that you have the power within to create YOU.

Through action - through showing up for yourself, through being uncomfortable, breaking through, by growing, getting out of your comfort zone, through learning grace, honesty, patience, and gratitude you'll then step into the version of you that earned, and that you won't self abandon or betray ever again. Promise.

Healed people heal people. 

If you're looking for some support on the journey home to compete worthiness and sovereignty - I've just opened my July Masterclass Breakdown to Breakthrough - I would love to take your hand and help you find the healing you deserve. Check it out and see if it aligns. If it does, I can't wait to meet you.

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Here's to your healing!

Sending you so much love,

Amanda xo 


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