Our Worthy Wands are exquisite reminders engraved with powerful affirmations, designed to fuel your self-discovery journey and empower you every step of the way. Every piece is a gentle whisper of encouragement, a truth, a daily reminder of the incredible soul that you are.

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"Inspired by what I craved, I created Worthy Wands to remind you of your inherent value."

— Amanda O'Reilly - Founder


our products speak for themselves!

Peaceful reassurance daily

Wow the most amazing products ever… I have several pieces necklaces and bracelets… I see them daily on my body and help reassure me I am what it says… it helps me as I am in recovery for PTSD, etc and gives me hope… I am so grateful for you and your company… cause when I down etc I can look at your products and find peace in my soul… kind of like a GOD moment to me whispering you are good… awesome reminders and must get for anyone who is having any issues or problems….

— Cynthia B

Such a great symbol for survivors

I love and proudly wear mine to remind me that I AM a Warrior, a survivor and that I CAN DO ANYTHING. Thank you for the beautiful symbol of hope.

I've gifted several to women who went through treatment with me and each one cried when they saw the words WARRIOR, because they are and just never saw themselves that way, until you created a reminder for us to gift.

— Steph

Love it and don't take it off!

Love this necklace bar and since I bought it last year I only took it off a couple of times and felt like something was missing.

It's the constant reminder I needed for feeling complete just as I am. Enough and Worthy as the Universe created me.

Plus I love the simple, yet stylish design.

— Raluca

A light went on inside of me

I was in a bad place before I started wearing this necklace and when my son saw it still in its packaging, he asked why I didn't like it? He took it out of its pouch and a card fell out. He started reading it and he said - Dad, it says you are a Worthy Warrior, and when those words hit my ears something inside of me got activated. I haven't taken it off since that day.

Thank you for creating something so meaning for us men!

— Josh