Yup! They Look Like Models

But these gorgeous souls are just like you, in fact, they are you! They just got sick of that voice In their heads that said “You’re Not Good Enough” Are you ready to live the life you want, and deserve too? 

Jewelry That Saves Lives, Raises Self Worth + Reprograms The Subconscious Mind.

Backed By Science. Your Thoughts Program Your Cells. Every minute of every day, your body is physically reacting, literally changing, in response to the thoughts that run through your mind and because we manifest from the subconscious mind, we can only ever manifest what we believe we're worthy of receiving. Ready to reprogram?

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We live in a world that says we're not enough, so we're constantly striving to become something other than what we are. We're told that everything outside of us is valuable, but that's not true. There's nothing that you need outside of who you truly are. Freedom is found when you finally realize this. You are Worthy + Enough just as you are.

We are the ones, the WORTHY WOMEN who are called to create this new world.  Can you feel it? A new world is being born.​ Let's go, sister!  Let everything that is not true, and not you, burn to the ground, and let your Phoenix rise! 


With over 4000 in the world, there have been so many stories of healing and transformation and I can't wait to hear yours!

Enough IS ENOUGH! Enough to playing small, enough to competing and comparing yourself against perfect strangers on the internet. Enough to thinking that something outside of you will make you feel enough, it won't because you are enough, right now! 

To date, that I know of, these wands have saved two lives to suicide. They've also helped women through cancer, divorces, and even getting pregnant. They've helped many gorgeous souls get off anxiety + other prescription medication, as they were able to ground themselves into their truth with their anchor.

They've even empowered some brave souls to say ENOUGH and leave their toxic relationships. We can't wait to hear your WW story!


The words you speak go in like lotion into dry skin, and your cells are listening. 

Science has proven this, so whatever you tell your mind it accepts as truth and mirrors it back to you.⁣⁣

The #1 fear we all have in common is that we're not enough.⁣⁣ When we don't feel  enough, we believe we need more, and we begin look outside ourselves for it.⁣⁣ Science states through epigenetics, that our cells are always listening so why not feed it truth? Empowerment? Love? I've designed this line so these 4 empowering words across your chest or wrist and go to work. Our brains love repetition, therefore seeing these words every day is how you begin to rewire. Neuroplasticity for the win!⁣ You are enough, you were born enough, and you are worthy of whatever you have the courage to ask for, and believe in.⁣⁣ Let's go you gorgeous Warrior we got big LOVE to spread in this new world!


Hi Gorgeous Soul,


Worthy Wands - Warrior + Love

You can't quarantine love! Your daily reminder that YOU ARE A WARRIOR and Warriors can do hard things when they lead with love. The perfect gift for anyone who has endured unbelievable circumstances and continues to rise!


Worthy Wands - Worthy + Enough

For the Worthy Women who isn't afraid to make a statement!  These ANCHORS that are designed to raise self-worth, and reprogram the subconscious mind. Because you're meant for more than staying stuck in the place of self doubt, unworthiness, anxiety and not-enoughness. 

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OM YA! White Jade Bracelet – Gold Bar

White Jade is known for its power to keep you calm + peaceful. Increases creativity, brings in more abundance and prosperity, and releases negative energy + old limiting beliefs/patterns.

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OM YA! Black Onyx Bracelet – Silver Bar

Black Onyx is a powerful warrior stone, a protection stone, which absorbs + transforms negative energy and always has your back guiding from darkness into the light. 



Jewelry that gives back.


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My beautiful and elegant Worthy Wand has become for me the words that are so eloquently written with much love on the card it comes with, grounding me with a reminder when I hold it that I am worthy, amazing and enough - just as I am. I have 3 of them actually, I don’t leave home without one, and they simply warm my heart - everyday. 

Sherry Lumley

I love my worthy wand because it is a reminder of the importance of words. Words have power and wearing a beautiful necklace is just another way to empower ourselves. I love the inspired messages and simple way to bring more bliss to the world! It is inspired living when our words and actions become aligned! 

Christine Bizier

Absolutely love my worthy wand. Great gift idea and love the note that comes with it too. Can’t wait to surprise more people with these beautiful necklaces. I have held onto mine many times since receiving it and def helps you shift your thinking. Great reminder that you are worthy.

Janine Charron

These Worthy Wands were such a great idea! There are so many women, from young to old, who feel unworthy, not good enough, what’s wrong with me, etc. I bought quite a few of them to give out as I come across people who need them. Having a positive mindset is so important. You will become what you think about. Therefore, having these around your neck 24/7 will be a constant reminder that you are worthy, you are enough, etc. The wands will change your thoughts, which will then change your life. These Worthy Wands have made a huge positive impact on the people that I have given them to!

Gene Szumowski

I adore my Worthy Wand!!! I feel a special kind of confidence and strength when wearing it. There's something quite powerful about knowing you are one of the many women who wear this wand as a promise to themselves. We are so worthy and we are more than enough. BONUS: This is a high quality piece of jewelry. It's stunning and has some weight to it. I have a nickel allergy and I can wear this piece as much as I want. xo

Vanessa Adams

I absolutely love my worthy wand. I connect with the message that we are all worthy of love and that we are beautiful made and enough. I gifted the wands to all the women in my life and the men. Thank you Amanda for your vision to help all of us to feel anchored in our worth.

Nubia Fisher

Worthy wands have a special spirit to them. I was at an event with a colleague and close friend. She was about to go on stage when I learned she was a victim of domestic abuse and didn’t know if she’d have a home to go back to when she flew home. I gave her the worthy wand I had around my neck as she needed it more than I did. She said it was a powerful talisman that day, providing warmth and light. She treasures it and wears it on days when she needs to know that she is worthy, loved, and supported by many.

I keep giving my worthy wands away to women and girls - they hold a special power. Time for me to buy my next one. I like to think that I add my power to each one before I gift it with another.

Meredith Thatcher

I bought my Worthy Wand last year after realizing the depth and range of the epidemic of unworthiness. I wear my Love Warrior wand when I want to amplify how fierce I am.

As a Coach to Women and as a Mother, my greatest wish is for everyone to realize how divine they are and Amanda’s mission and creation of these Worthy Wands is the embodiment of this wish. I want to buy one for all the women in my life that I love, and share Amanda’s mission for all the women I work with.

Jessica Dawn Seguin

In life we face unbeilable challenges whether they feel trivial to other in our minds they are the greatest obstacle A Worthy Wand reminds us we can other come these and much more in life challenges. I have witnessed this when I have purchased the wand for a needy soul who just need that reminder they are special and have the power within themselves to be them selves.

Thank You Amanda for creating these wands and your cause in serving worthy causes with the profits.

Atul Thakrar

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