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Neuroscience meets modern spirituality.

This isn't just jewelry. — it's a belief system. It's everyday jewelry that celebrates human empowerment! You're wearing a reminder of who you are. You're making a statement. You’re telling your subconscious mind that you’re a source of love, you're worthy, and enough and when you believe that, you become it.

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Join us on October 6th at the lululemon store in the Mall Of America for a 2 hour Masterclass as we break the spell society has cast - The spell that says we’re not worthy or enough.

I am not enough is a thought, it's a conversation that we’re having with ourselves about ourselves, not based in truth or fact. This spell has made most unknowingly feel helpless, fearful, inadequate, competitive, and judgemental for far too long.

It's time to tell ourselves a better lie. We were born worthy and we are more than enough.

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If neuroscience and spirituality have taught me anything, it's this: You can change your life by simply changing your thoughts. I'm on a mission to change the background noise coming from your head.

— Amanda O'Reilly - Founder Worthy Wands

Jewelry that changes the inner conversation.

The most important conversation you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself.

There's scientific evidence that negative self-talk is toxic to us, but positive self talk makes us happier and healthier. So why not wear jewelry that helps you upgrade your inner conversation?

This necklace brings encouragement and positive affirmations out in the open. It's like having a coach by your side all day long — reminding you of who you really are.

They don't just look good. They literally transform how you feel.

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Free Gift With Purchase

We want you to live your best life possible, and be at your very best physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So we're including our 70-page step-by-step guide for identifying, reprogramming and anchoring in more empowering beliefs harnessing the power of psychology and neuroscience.

Our gift to you when you purchase any necklace. Just add the workboook to your cart with any necklace and we will take care of the rest.


Manifestation Tool!

The Worthy Wand is a game-changer for manifestation junkies like me. Its powerful energy aligns with your emotions to boost positivity while keeping you grounded.
You'll feel the energy from this product the second you put it on. The weight and quality of the piece is high-end and feels luxurious.

— Katie

I Wish I Created it!

With years of experience in personal development and more than 15,000 hours of studying the law of attraction and mindset psychology, I have come to the conclusion that The Worthy Wand will help to reprogram your subconscious mind. It's brilliant, I wish I thought of it myself!

— Dr. Sarah


I am so in love with my worthy wand! The rose gold is stunning, the words are inspiring and I really do feel it brings a touch a ‘magic’ to my day to day life. It hasn’t left my neck since I bought it. XO

— Lindsey

Amazing product!

I'm an active duty US Marine and I love wearing this necklace because it represents my commitment to my country, my family and to myself. I am a committed Christian who wants to be an example of faith, courage, and strength to people around me. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that I wear proudly with pride as it reminds me that I am indeed a WORTHY WARRIOR. I'm excited to support your company and spread the word!

— C Miller
Self worth jewelry I am enough necklace science backed jewelry Worthy wands

The number one limiting belief in the world is: I am not enough.

If you've ever felt that way, then you'll love what we've created! This is more than just a piece of jewelry. This is an attitude you wear. It's a wearable, physical reminder of your truth. Just by wearing it it goes to work, and every time you look down you are declaring your truth to the universe.

The fast-growing field of epigenetics and neuroscience shows that who you are is the result of the thoughts you think. And by changing your thoughts, you can change your life!

I am not enough is a thought, its a conversation that you are having with yourself, not based on truth or fact.

Let's anchor in the truth shall we?


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The Journey To Self-Love

I never intended to get into the jewelry business, I am a mental health and self-love warrior. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing Worthy Wo/men everywhere rising, healing generational trauma, breaking glass ceilings, unapologetically shining, and taking up space in the world. I suffered unnecessarily for the majority of my life because I didn’t understand my own worth and value. I didn’t understand that self-worth is how we feel about ourselves It’s not what other people think about us. I didn’t and don’t want another soul to suffer the way I did. Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional and we suffer when we believe our own thoughts, of which 80% aren’t even true...  Read the full article here


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