The Warrior Wand: A Story of Strength Passed On

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A Pay It Forward Story

This necklace was a personal symbol of strength, a reminder I clung to. But then, during a visit with a coworker battling cancer, the true meaning of strength hit me like a tidal wave.

This woman is a warrior queen. Stronger than I'll ever know. After surgery and a promising recovery, new tumors were discovered. Uncertainty clouded the future, yet she faced it with unwavering spirit. Her voice, quiet yet powerful, resonated with the fight within her. She didn't call herself a hero, but a warrior– and that she undeniably is.

Witnessing her courage, I knew what I had to do. It was time for my Warrior Wand, to embark on a new journey. I took it off my neck and put it in her hand.

This Warrior Wand belongs to you.

I hope when she wears it and reads the inscription, it becomes a beacon of strength, a reminder that the fight continues, and a symbol of the warrior she truly is. Now, the Warrior Wand will inspire her fight, and perhaps, one day, it will inspire another.

Thank you for creating these!


😭 Stories like these are pure sunshine for the soul! They remind us that even in the darkest moments, there's a spark of fight within us all.

Perhaps you have your own story of inner strength. Did a quiet voice inside you whisper encouragement when things got tough? We'd love to hear how your own Worthy Wand helped you rise above. 

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