How Worthy Wands Helped Me Find Myself (and Maybe Help You Too)

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Eight years ago, staring into the mirror felt like an unwelcome confrontation with a stranger. Amanda, my name, which supposedly meant "worthy of love," felt like a cruel joke. Lost, alone, and devoid of self-compassion, I was everything but worthy.

But something flickered within me, a spark of defiance against this self-imposed exile. I craved more than just surviving. I craved to embody the strength and love my name promised.

That's when the first Worthy Wand was born. A simple necklace inscribed with two powerful words: "worthy" and "enough." It was a constant reminder, a whisper against the negativity that had become my soundtrack.

Little did I know then, but science was on my side. Studies show that wearing affirmations can actually rewire your brain. Every time I glanced at that necklace, a tiny spark of hope ignited. It was like slowly remembering my true self, the one buried beneath the weight of hardship.

The shift wasn't immediate, but it was undeniable. With each passing day, the stranger in the mirror began to fade, replaced by a flicker of the strong woman I was meant to be. And then, a new question whispered in the quiet: "What if I choose joy, even in the middle of this darkness?"

A simple sticky note with "Today I Choose Joy" became my new battle cry. It still hangs on my mirror today, a constant reminder that joy is always a choice, even in the darkest of times.


Every Worthy Wand design is a testament to this journey, a reflection of a challenge overcome. The "Warrior" line, for example, embodies the strength I found within myself. It's a line for those who, like me, have risen above the darkness, but also for those who need an anchor in the storm, the same anchor I desperately craved.

Worthy Wands are more than just pretty jewelry. They're living proof, backed by science, that self-love has the power to transform your life. The countless stories we've received, the nine lives saved from suicide – these are testaments to the power of a simple whisper of self-love.

But I am also living proof. I went from hating the woman in the mirror to celebrating her unconventional healing journey. "Coping" wasn't enough. I chose joy, and it changed everything.

This isn't just my story. It's yours too. What self-love mantra has helped you weather the storms? Share it in the comments below! Maybe it will become part of the next Worthy Wand collection, a beacon of hope for someone else lost in the darkness.

Remember, you are worthy. You are enough. And you have the power to choose joy, every single day.

Sending you all my love,

Amanda - Chief Worthiness Officer - Worthy Wands

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