Not Enough" to Enough

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Not Enough" to Enough: The Journey to Uncovering Inherent Worth

Today I want to talk about something that is holding a lot of people hostage, unknowingly of course: self-worth.

It's a topic batted around a lot, but for many of us, it feels less like a warm hug and more like a confusing labyrinth. I know, because I spent way too long lost in that very maze.

For years, my self-worth was a flickering neon sign, perpetually stuck on "Not Enough." My achievements felt hollow, compliments rang false, and failures echoed in my head like a broken record. I people-pleased, compared myself to everyone (and lost every time), and constantly craved external validation. In short, it sucked.

Sound familiar? Maybe you, like I did, find yourself constantly apologizing, downplaying your accomplishments, or fearing rejection. Perhaps you have a nagging inner critic that whispers doubts in your ear. These are all signs of a self-worth that's struggling to find its true north.

Here's the thing I eventually realized: that flickering neon sign was never meant to be my source of light. My worth wasn't dependent on external factors. It was, and always has been, inherent.

But uncovering that inherent worth? That wasn't a walk in the park. Here are some things that helped me navigate the path:

  • Quieting the Critic: That inner voice? It thrives on negativity. I started challenging its pronouncements. Instead of "I'm a failure," I'd ask, "Is this helpful? What can I learn from this?" and I would ALWAYS stop and say "Amanda, is this even true?" as I got brave.
  • Gratitude Detour: Negativity breeds self-doubt. I began a gratitude practice, focusing on the good in my life, big or small. It shifted my perspective and reminded me of my blessings. Because here's the truth, you can't compound from zero. If everything is energy ( and it is ) and like attracts like, ( it does ) I started focusing on what I LOVED about my life. That got me in the energy of desire, of joy, of happiness, of gratitude. Then like a magnet more things that I was grateful starting stacking. 
  • Boundaries, My New Best Friend: People-pleasing is a self-worth killer. I learned to set boundaries, say no, and prioritize my needs. I learned to set standards for how I treated myself. I started modelling ing what I desired. If it's not modelled people know know where to meet us. At first it wasn't easy, because I realized I had high standards for others, but very low standards for myself - this awareness empowered me.
  • Comparison is the Thief of Joy: Social media can be a highlight reel of "perfection." I shifted my focus and started following accounts that inspired me, not those that made me feel inadequate. The truth is our brains need what I can expanders. We need to see what's possible to believe in it. So I filled my feed with things that I desired, and with people who were authentically not superficially living the life that I desired.

This journey isn't linear. There will be setbacks, days when the "Not Enough" sign flickers again. But remember, self-worth is a muscle you can strengthen. Be patient, be kind to yourself, and celebrate your progress.

Here's the beautiful truth: You are inherently worthy. You don't need to earn it, prove it, or chase external validation. It's already there, a steady flame within you. Embrace that light, my friend. It's time to rewrite the script and step into the powerful truth of your worth.

This is just the beginning. You've got this!

Curious how I found a way to keep that inner flame burning bright? You can check out my story on

Keep going! Stay in the heat. The popcorn only pops when it stays in the heat and transforms. I believe in you!

Sending you oodles of love,

Amanda - Chief Worthiness Officer - Worthy Wands

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