I lost 185 lbs when I started seeing myself as Worthy

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Meet Olga, her journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

If we had a super-fan, she would win the award hands down. She comments on all our posts, shares our message faithfully because she has witnessed the magic of them not only in her life, but in the lives of others as well. She layers herself in our products, uses them to guide her, help her and others. We are so grateful for this beautiful soul. She's taken the message of worthiness and feeling enough into her classroom offering her students the words and the wisdom that she needed, that we all needed at that tender age where our minds are open and impressionable. Here's Olga's Worthy Wands story.

After hearing about Worthy Wands in March 2021, I began following the creator Amanda O'Reilly and Worthy Wands on Instagram.

I decided to get my first Worthy/Enough Wand at the end of May 2021 along with the reprogramming guide. A week later was gifted another WW by a dear friend for my 40th birthday. I have been wearing both 24/7 since.

Overtime I added pieces because the message and magic spoke to me.

I was not in a great place in the winter and spring of 2021 and was willing to try these out, cause in my eyes I had nothing left to lose. I felt stuck and lost in ALL aspects of life.

I began working through the Worthy Wands reprogramming guide and had many, upon many tears, emotions and ah-ha moments to say the least. I started to understand that the weight that I needed to lose, wasn't only from my body itself, but it was the weight of others, as well as my own negative thoughts about myself.

I've struggled with my weight and loving myself for as long as I can remember, I lost myself completely. I realized in doing the work how I had become so conditioned to play the when/then game, play the victim card, the pity me party, and the blame game. I was lacking so much self-worth, self-love, self-trust and lived in constant fight or flight mode, that I used my conditioned ways as coping to get me through the day. But, I also realized that I was worthy of more.

I began doing mirror work, where I literally wrote the affirmations from my Worthy Wand on my several mirrors in my apartment to look at and read multiple times a day. It was a very slow process, as I didn't even realize how much I had grown to hate the woman I saw in the mirror. I was brutal, mean and hurtful to her. I was ALWAYS comparing myself to others and deeming myself (and the woman/girl in the mirror) as not Enough and unworthy of anything. Reading and seeing I am Worthy and I am Enough (as well as having it close to my heart) started to work. The magic and power of the wands literally would stop me in my tracks. Suddenly I realized my confidence increasing and I would out of the blue start conversations with friends, family and even strangers. The real me was coming back online.

The weight started to fall off, and my smile got genuinely bigger and there was even a twinkle in my eye forming. I even attended an event where I knew NO ONE but I dressed up, and showed up with my Worthy Wand as my date.

There are so many stories where my Worthy Wands have helped me, I remember very vividly last summer (2021) I woke up in full on panic mode one night only to find myself clenching onto my wands subconsciously and deep breathing. Within a minute I was calm and able to get back to sleep. They anchored my back into my body.

Last fall, I also remember completely ignoring all the very obvious (physical) signs, as well as those my body was telling me, when I was on a hike. I got lost and it was getting dark quickly. I automatically found myself subconsciously reaching for my wands and asking them and the universe to guide me to safety. I found myself reaching for them every few seconds until I reached the ground. They were my guides, and they anchored me back safely.

They've also, on several occasions sparkled in the sun or a street lamp and reflected right back to my glasses whenever I didn't even realize I NEEDED to be snapped out of a thought or action in that moment.

I recently experienced the magic in others, my two nephews. They are at a new school and don't have friends there yet, but he now talks to peers. He said that thanks to his Warrior Wand he is reminded that he can do this, that this is just the next step he has to go through to be able to find his people and his passions in school. He told me that he loves having the wand under his shirt and near his heart cause he's caught himself putting his hand on his heart and taking a deep breath when he's worried or anxious and then he remembers he is Worthy and has his Warrior powers always. 

My younger 'nephew' told me that grade 4 hasn't been as horribly hard and scary as he was expecting because he holds onto his wand every morning and reminds himself that is a 'Warrior Worthy of a great day and anything he dreams of'. He told me that this year he doesn't feel like he has to help fix a peer's problems and struggles all the time and has walked away from situations instead of getting involved. He admitted to me that he loves that his wand's magic always distracts him with something else to focus on, when he thinks he has to go help this other boy. He now believes it's no longer his worry or job to be in the mix of the other boy's 'outbursts or episodes'. Instead he focuses on being friends with him when they can both handle it and benefit from it.

They just work, for all ages. They are always there and within reach and it's amazing how often subconsciously we just reach for them. I often fall sleep holding onto them.

I hold onto them at work (which in turn it has lead to some of my young students coming up to me to reach for a wand or roll on of my bracelets while talking to me or sitting with me). I have had the privilege of witnessing how the magic works on these littles. How quickly they can calm or refocus or re-ground themselves. 

I am still learning to TRULY and fully trust myself and the woman in the mirror, but I've come a long way. I've lost 185lbs on this journey back to self. I am truly proud of the woman in the mirror and EVERYTHING she's overcome. I now see myself as someone who is Worthy and who IS Enough.

I've taken this work into my classroom and it a daily part of the work that I do with my students. It's one of the most important messages of all. To understand that we are all Worthy and Enough.

Worthy Wands have forever changed and continue to change and impact my life and others for the positive. Endlessly GRATEFUL to have these AMAZING and stunning pieces of jewelry with me 24/7 as my daily anchors, reminders and guides.


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