Worthy/Warrior - The Alexander

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Mens Black Necklace, Warrior necklace, Black bar necklace, Worthy Necklace, Men's jewelry, bar necklace, motivational jewelry

Worthy/Warrior - The Alexander

$50.00 USD
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Mel W.
United States United States

My boyfriend loves it!

and I share this because he never wears jewelry - not even a watch, but he hasn't taken this one off since I gifted it to him. Makes me so happy every time I see him holding on to it. I notice a shift in his energy too! YEAH! Mel

Olga P.
Canada Canada

Powerful and limitless for ALL ages

I got myself this stunning black wand this past summer. I fell in love with it right away, especially how it looked and made me feel while in summer dresses and outfits......classy, yet sexy all at the same time. Which were absolutely NEW to ME feelings. It reminded me daily how much of a Worthy Warrior I am. A few weeks after getting my own I decided to gift one to my 13 year old nephew and then another one to my bestie's 9.5 year old son. Both these boys have some anxieties, hence why I believed gifting them the wands in the first place would be of great benefit. They don't necessarily wear theirs 24/7 like I wear my wands, however the MAGICAL Power that I have heard about  through conversations I have had with these AMAZING young men have been nothing, but awe inspiring. I recently spent the weekend at my sister's and my nephew admitted to me that he is no longer hating going to school (new school and city for him this year). He said that grade 8 isn't his favourite school year as there is so much different than what he was used to and he doesn't have friends, but that he now talks to peers. That thanks to his Warrior Wand he is reminded that he can do this, that this is just the next step he has to go through to be able to find his people and his passions in school. He told me that he loves having the wand under his shirt and near his heart cause he's caught himself putting his hand on his heart and taking a deep breath when he's worried or anxious and then he remembers he is Worthy and has his Warrior powers always. My younger 'nephew' told me that grade 4 hasn't been as horribly hard and scary as he was expecting because he holds onto his wand every morning and reminds himself that is a 'Warrior Worthy of a great day and anything he dreams of'. He told me that this year he doesn't feel like he has to help fix a peer's problems and struggles all the time and has walked away from situations instead of getting involved. He admitted to me that he loves that his wand's magic always distracts him with something else to focus on, when he thinks he has to go help this other boy. He now believes it's no longer his worry or job to be in the mix of the other boy's 'outbursts or episodes'. Instead he focuses on being friends with him when they can both handle it and benefit from it. These 2 young men are perfect examples of The Alexander being limitless and for ALL ages. I could honestly not be a prouder 'auntie' to these 2 wonderful souls. I am beyond honoured to be able to witness their growth of self-worth and self-love, all started by the POWERFUL MAGIC of The Alexander. Thank you so much for creating this PHENOMENAL and MAGICAL and STUNNING piece!! ⚓⚓

Canada Canada

A light went on inside of me

Something ignited inside of me when my son read me the card that accompanied the necklace. I was in a bad place before I started wearing it and when my son saw it still in its packaging, he asked why I didn't like it? He took it out of its pouch and a card fell out. He started reading it and he said - Dad, it says you are a Worthy Warrior, and when those words hit my ears something inside of me got activated. I haven't taken it off since that day. Thank you for creating something so meaning for us men!

Germany Germany

Absolutely gorgeous and powerful

I was looking for a gift for a friend and came across these Worthy Wands. As soon as I saw this necklace I realized it is the perfect empowering gift for a man to remind him he is worthy in all aspects of his life and a warrior. This necklace is not only beautiful but also holds so much meaning within. He loved it because it is so clean, stylish and thoughtful and as soon as he held it in his hand he thought of higher consciousness. The packaging and the mantra affirmations cards it came with are a great addition and I truly love the fact that he will have a constant reminder he can wear just how special and powerful he is. I will definitely purchase more of these necklaces because they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much!

Mary T.

It's beautiful

I bought this for my husband and it's stunning. The weight is a great weight, but more so the meaning. Reminding him of the hero that he is and helping him reconnect with that inner warrior. He doesn't really wear jewelry but wears this! I'm so happy and it makes ME smile every time I see it on him - so its a win-win!