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Perfect Gift

Every piece comes beautifully wrapped in a custom dust bag, and comes with it's own mantra card. Each piece is a gift, even if that gift is to yourself.

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"Your creator gave you worth at birth, let's anchor that back into your soul today."

— Amanda O'Reilly
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Our jewelry is an external reminder of an internal truth.

Because how you think and feel matters.


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What if your jewelry could change the way you think about yourself?

We know it sounds like a tall order, but we're here to tell you it's possible—and we have the data to prove it.

Worthy Wands are the world's first scienced back self-love jewelry, designed to remind us of our internal truth: that we're worthy and enough. They also help to raise our vibration, rewire our subconscious mind, and feed our trillions of cells with love and pure positive energy.

Whether or not you believe in all this stuff, science has proven that when we think better thoughts on an inner level, it changes everything else—our physical health, mental health, relationships... even how much money we make! When you wear our jewelry, it's not just an accessory—it's an act of self-love.

Our pieces are wearable medicine that heal on the deepest level and changes your inner conversation. We can all be, do, or have anything we want—but we manifest from our subconscious minds. So in order to have it, we have to believe we're worthy enough to receive it. You are, let's anchor that in.

— Amanda O'Reilly - Creator Worthy Wands

Our Story

I created the first prototype in 2018 for me. I needed an anchor, and a daily reminder that I was worthy of love, that I was enough. Past trauma left me feeling everything but. Today, we've saved 7 lives to sucicide that I know of, and we're changing thousands of lives around the world, one Worthy Wand at a time.

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Goddess Vibes!

I would say to anyone who wants to feel like a goddess every day to buy this. To cherish yourself and remind you of how amazing you are on the inside and out.

— Mel

Manifestation Tool!

The Worthy Wand is a game-changer for manifestation junkies like me. Its powerful energy aligns with your emotions to boost positivity while keeping you grounded.
You'll feel the energy from this product the second you put it on. The weight and quality of the piece is high-end and feels luxurious.

— Katie


I am so in love with my worthy wand! The rose gold is stunning, the words are inspiring and I really do feel it brings a touch a ‘magic’ to my day to day life. It hasn’t left my neck since I bought it. XO

— Lindsey
Mental Health Jewelry

How Worthy Wands Work

The science is clear. If you want to change what's on the outside, you have to start on the inside.

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