What “Worthy in LOVE” feels like

What “Worthy in LOVE” feels like

Just reading this is allowing you to receive an instant energetic upgrade in love and romance.

When you purchased your Worthy Wand jewelry you didn’t just invest in a gorgeous accessory: you invested in a new version of yourself! 

Part of that upgrade means expanding your current perception (or potentially limiting beliefs) around important topics like LOVE. So today we’re delivering an energetic upgrade that will help you shift into higher and higher levels of what it means to feel truly worthy when life gives you opportunities to give and receive LOVE:

Being worthy in love means:

  • Accepting yourself, and others just as they are
  • Never second-guessing that you are truly loved (you are, it’s a fact). 
  • Allowing others to treat you well, to spoil you and to care for you (it’s not ‘transactional’ it’s simply the way you deserve to be treated) 
  • Being able to give yourself freely, without worrying about “what it means” or “what’s on the other side of it for you” (again, not transactional)
  • Being able to create healthy boundaries (because you know that you deserve to feel safe, okay, listened to, heard, seen, understood and respected) 
  • Being able to ask for what you need, and being kind with yourself and others when core-needs go unmet (finding healthy outlets, and not attaching blame or shame to yourself or others when you feel hurt or disconnected) 

Remember, our self-worth is not determined by how others treat us: you can’t control how others treat you, see you or value you but you can control the way you see, treat and value YOURSELF. 

“Worthy in love” doesn’t mean that you need someone else to show this back to you. People will come in and out of our lives for different reasons, and we will experience different forms of love through them: such as friends, parents, children, siblings, partners and pets. 

”Worthy in love” means that you have a deep, loving relationship with yourself as a foundation for all other experiences and opportunities life gives you, and the more you practice feeling truly worthy in love, the deeper and more magical these other experiences can be.  

What does “Worthy in Love” mean to you? 

Share your self-worth upgrades, insights and stories over on our Online Community or send us an email  (to hello@worthywands.com) so we can add it to our “Stories behind the Wands” and help lead the way for others to find their way back home to TRULY WORTHY. 

With love, The Worthiness Team! ✨


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