Worthy AF Flower Essence
Worthy AF Flower Essence
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Worthy AF Flower Essence

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It's time to shed the broken layers of yourself so you can embody who you truly are. 

A vibrational natural healing remedy from the wildflowers of English, Canadian, and Californian countrysides. 

Flower essence is considered a form of vibrational medicine

Vibrational tinctures carry the imprint of the particular pattern, energy, or “essence” of a flower. Every flower has a different healing quality and they act as catalysts for change at a deep emotional level. 

Flower essences are not to be confused with essential oils; the two are quite different. Since flower essences are energetic, they do not contain a scent. They are taken internally in the form of liquid drops under the tongue. 

They are natural, non-toxic, non-habit-forming, and can be combined with other treatments. However, it is still a good idea to consult your health care practitioner if you have a medical condition and/or are taking medications.

While using flower essence, you are connecting with nature, your guides, and your higher self on a spiritual level. Don’t be surprised if you start to gain clarity about your life’s purpose while using flower essences

Flower essences work on an energetic level to address the underlying emotions and release unwanted patterns. It works with your vibrations, so anything that doesn’t match the vibration of the remedy simply goes away.

Negativity and positivity are no longer an energetic match because you've raised your vibration. 

For example, if you are experiencing feelings of unworthiness and lack of confidence, and you start using our WORTHY AF blend, you’ll feel more confident, have a radiant sense of self,  your self-awareness is magnetized, and the feeling of self-doubt dissipates. 


  • Worthiness
  • Self-love
  • Self-confidence
  • Calmness
  • Positive thoughts and beliefs
  • Abundance
  • Manifestation
  • Self-acceptance
  • Alignment with one’s inner power and truth
  • Release of guilt and shame


  • Take 4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue separately from meals.
  • Use regularly and consistently until the bottle is empty.
  • The effects of flower remedies are cumulative and must be taken as directed to feel the benefits. 
  • The essences need to gently dig their way into one’s psyche to unfold their full potential.
  • This is a one-month supply (30 mL) if taken as directed. 

How is it Made:

The blend was developed by Flower Essence Society Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Barbara Schuster, who has been working with English, Californian, and Pacific essences for over 20 years. 

This remedy includes 7 essences that are handpicked to work specifically with self improving vibrations. Those essences are added to a base of distilled water and brandy, and are alchemized especially for Worthy Wands in a 30 mL serving.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease(s). Flower essences are safe, non-addictive, and have no side effects. There are no fragrances, dyes, flavours or preservatives added.

Consider getting the reprogramming guide to go even deeper, and shed even more layers.

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Olga P.
Canada Canada

Started my second bottle

I was gifted my first bottle just before my 40th birthday, and started it right away. I am in awe at how it works and how calming Worthy AF truly is. A few times in the 1st month I was feeling anxious, or panicked or overwhelmed and I took a dose (cause it was time for one anyway) and the clarity was mind blowing. Between my phenomenal worthy wands, my workbooks and this bottle of pure magical bliss, the hard work being done becomes bearable and truly craved. If you haven't tried Worthy AF yet.....what are you waiting for? It will definitely help clear up some of that feelings/thoughts/brain fogginess. I made sure I had my 2nd bottle before I totally ran out of the first and so happy I did. Not sure how else to explain the clearer perspective I have gained since starting this flower essence liquid.

Alexa C.
Canada Canada


It's hard to understand or to put into words the way this little bottle works. I get an instant CHARGE when I take it. My inside gets all warm and tingly - it's instant you guys. It's just been such a game-changer in my personal growth. I am sold and have just ordered my second bottle.

Porcha C.
United States United States

Renewed Mind

The biggest thing for me is that I now FEEL and BELIEVE I’m worthy. Not because anyone says, but because I am. It has helped me anchor in and embody my worth and it feels like a whole new me!

Canada Canada

Worthy AF Absolutely

I just reviewed what you had written about the Worthy AF Flower Essence & how it related to me. I can honestly say it’s true; I’ve had a shift of emotions for so many things. I was skeptical but heck yes it’s working. The words thank you don’t seem adequate because this soul feels so much better, comfortable & peaceful. ❤️❤️❤️

Brenda C.


I’ve started using the Worthy AF remedy as soon as it became available in the market. Although I am a RAVING fan of the Worthy Wands, I didn't know what to expect. I LOVE it! I feel more empowered, confident and vibrating at a higher frequency. I can honestly say that I'm addicted to feeling WORTHY AF!