Let's spark confidence in the next generation ...

Let's spark confidence in the next generation ...

Let's spark confidence in the next generation ...

I have some very exciting news to share with you. Our line is expanding!

Worthy Wands was born out of a desire to help women develop an unshakeable sense of self-worth. Everything we've done up until now has been based on the simple but powerful idea that women who love themselves, LEAD WITH LOVE.

Our brand expanded last year to include a men's line because I believe that men should have an arsenal of tools that not only support their recovery and mental health, but also something that activates his inner Warrior. Every man has an inner Warrior inside him—one who's undoubtedly ready to rise up and be the best version of himself.

Over the course of our 4 years I've witnessed some patterns, be it through DM's, in thoughtful reviews, or thank you letters. The common theme was, people realized that they were never modelled what self worth and true unconditional love of self looked like. They were broken adults working hard to heal the inner child within, and often repeating generational trauma unknowingly, and unconsciously. ( me! )

Which sparked something in me, girls are the future, and what is the future without love? ( well, we are seeing it playing out on the world stage at the moment )

We want our girls of tomorrow to know that leading with love will get them further in life. Mean girls might go far in high school, but they don't go very far in life.

This coming spring Worthy Wands is tapping into a new generation, our future generation.

I want to be a part of planting seeds of self-worth in our teenagers' minds at this critical age where they're forming their identity, so that they bloom into strong and confident women.

Our newest statement necklace will be an elegant reminder that true beauty starts from within. The solid heart-shaped necklace with the words "worthy" engraved on the back will be her daily reminder that she's worthy, and those who lead with love always win. A symbol of LOVE, to help carry her through life with confidence and courage. ( Available in 18K gold, Silver and Rose Gold )

I am creating what I wish existed, and I wish was readily available for embodiment. As creators we often create from our pain to spare others coming up behind us.

I want this message to our future generation to be clear, and I want it to be communicated as early as possible that our value comes from the inside us, not from outside sources. That our self-worth is endless; it's a bottomless well.

If we seek to make this mantra a part of every teen girls' mindset, she will stand a little taller and she will realize she's worthy of choosing love, whether it be with herself or others.

A girl's self-worth is one of the most valuable assets she can have, and I look forward to you helping her cultivate it, so she can think of you every time she puts her necklace on.

Keep an eye out for it, and make sure you're following us on Social Media to know when they drop, as I have no doubt that in advance to Mother's Day, they will sell out.

Love Always,

Amanda xo

Chief Worthiness Officer Worthy Wands


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