5 Benefits Of Rising Above The Comparison Game And Learning Your Self-Worth

5 Benefits Of Rising Above The Comparison Game And Learning Your Self-Worth

5 Benefits Of Rising Above The Comparison Game And Learning Your Self-Worth

There are a lot of things can make us feel unworthy, but we must remember that there is nothing we can do to make us any more worthy than we already are.

This is because we're all born worthy. Every single one of us. We were given worth at birth.

But sometimes life tries to convince us otherwise. It's easy for society to make it seem like our worth is defined by how many followers we have or how many likes we get on social media, or if people think we're beautiful, or if we get the job we want, or if someone likes us back. We start believing that our worth is only valuable if other people validate it, or us.

And then we forget that our value isn't dependent on anyone else.

Our worth comes from within, because every single one of us is a gift to this world—every single one of us is worthy of love and respect and kindness just by being here and taking up space on this planet. Learning to love yourself is one of the best things you can do for your life and your relationships. 

You've probably heard the saying: "Comparison is the thief of joy." it's a cute and clever way to say that when we compare ourselves to others, we're missing out on our own happiness. But by now, we've all heard this before. So what? What's in it for you if you stop comparing yourself to others? Well, here are just a few ways that building your self-worth can actually lead you to a better life:

Here are 5 benefits of rising above the comparison game and learning your self-worth:

1. You'll feel better about yourself.
2. You'll stop comparing yourself to others (the reason you're feeling so bad to begin with).
3. You'll learn to feel empathy for others, instead of resentment.
4. You'll feel happier in general, because you won't be wasting all that time and energy thinking about how much better everyone else's lives are/how much worse yours is.

5.You'll start appreciating the good things in your own life, and not worrying so much about what other people think or say about you!

If there's one thing that I can invite you to do today, right after you finish reading this, this action alone will increase your sense of self worth; give the comparison game a rest and focus on your own life because:

  • You’re comparing yourself to other people ( your chapter 1 to their chapter 20).

  • You’re comparing your past to their present.

  • You’re comparing your future to their present.

  • You’re comparing your successes to their failures.

  • You’re comparing your failures to other peoples' successes.

You have your own unique gifts to offer the world, and as you can see the only time that we can feel not enough is when we are comparing ourselves against another, and it's not a fair game because you don't know what another's real journey has been, you can't because it's not your own.

Focus on your own strengths and diminish the "I'm not good enough" mentality.

One of the biggest things that people do when they compare themselves to others is to focus on their own weaknesses and not the strengths. They spend time focusing on what they don't have, or what other people have that they don't have. The problem with this is it can lead to a "I'm not good enough" mentality and can cause you to become frustrated because you are constantly comparing yourself to others instead of focusing on your own goals, achievements, happiness and life. By learning how to rise above the comparison game in your head by focusing on your own strengths will help diminish that feeling of being "not good enough".

Celebrate your uniqueness.

Instead of trying to fit in, stand out! Embrace your unique qualities and express who you are through your clothes, hairstyle, hobbies, and taste in music. Be proud of who you are and don't apologize for being different.

Do something kind for someone else every day.

Doing a small good deed for someone is a great way to boost self-esteem because it makes you feel like you're doing something positive for others—and that's what makes you worthy. It's not about how much money you make or how many awards you've won; it's about how much love and compassion we show each other every single day that makes us all worthy of happiness, respect, kindness, and love just by being here and taking up space on this planet.

And as a final note: please don't feel as though you need to change yourself to be worthy of love, or to be loved.

You are worthy no matter what size you are, what you look like, how much money you make, how many friends you have, who your family is, or anything else; all that matters is that you are a good person. And if we all remember that, our world will be just a little bit better for it.

Next time you're feeling down on yourself, remember that your worth is not based on what others think of you. It's based on who you choose to be. When you realize this and push your doubts to the side, there are no limits to what you can accomplish! So go ahead and take control of your life by accepting yourself for who you are TODAY.

As always - sending you all my love,

Amanda xo

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