Why Self Love Matters

why self love matters

Why Self Love Matters

What's the best thing you could ever do for your life?

A lot of people think that the answer is to get a new job, get a promotion, or find a the perfect partner.

But what if we told you that the best thing you can do for your life is to start loving yourself?
Self-love isn't just about being more confident and giving yourself positive affirmations—though those things are important. When you love yourself, you're able to see the good in your life and all around you. You see opportunities instead of setbacks. You don't feel like every little mistake is a catastrophe—you're able to move forward even when things aren't going as planned because you know that taking care of yourself and persevering will pay off in the end.

It might seem like self-love is something that some people just have and others don't, and while it's true that some people have an easier time seeing their own worth than others, it's also true that self-love is something we can all learn! 
There are many reasons to love yourself, but one of the most important is that you are worth loving. You deserve love, and the best place to start is with yourself so let's get into it.
Self love is a topic that means so much to us here at Worth Wands and we wanted to offer you some tips to help you on your self love journey:
First off, let's talk about what self love isn't. Self love isn't about thinking you're perfect. It's not about being perfect. It's not about denying your flaws or pretending they don't exist. In fact, self love is quite the opposite: it's about accepting yourself, flaws and all. You are worthy of love exactly as you are; you don't have to change anything in order to deserve it. This is where most of us get it wrong because we've been taught to perform for love. If I do this, then I will get love from mom and dad, if I do this, I will get love taken away. So we've been conditioned to think that it's something we have to earn.
It's not, and as the word says - SELF love is about your love of self.
It's hard. We know. We've been there too. And even though we wish it were easier, the truth is that it's a lifelong journey—one that's always changing and evolving as we change and evolve. But the good news is, you can learn to love yourself more and more every day. You just have to practice.
Love is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It can create life, it can end wars, and it can change a person forever.

Here are some tips to help you on your self-love journey.
1. Take care of your body. We don't mean in the way society says you should look—we mean literally take care of your body by getting enough sleep, eating good food, and drinking lots of water. You'll be amazed how much self love this one step can bring you! Most of the time when we are feeling low, or angry or sad - it's one of these 3 things that's lacking.

2. Find a mantra that works for you and read it out loud to yourself every morning before you start your day. 

3. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself! Self love is about appreciating who you are, so do something that makes you feel confident and proud—whatever that means for you! ( tip: this raises your vibration and you become an energetic match for the things you desire because EVERYTHING is energy, including you.)

4. At least once a day, look at yourself in the mirror and list all the things you like about yourself. It could be your hair, your nose, or even just your personality traits—anything works! And don't worry if you only come up with one thing; by setting aside time every day to do this exercise, you'll begin to appreciate more of what makes you unique, and eventually you won't be able to stop listing things that make you smile! ( BONUS! by doing this, you're creating new neural pathways in the brain, conditioning your brain to look for the good, as our brains are wired to look for the negative by default.)

5. Give yourself time off from social media, TV, your phone, so you can spend time with your own thoughts ( this decreases the comparisonitis game we all play!)
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Sending you so much love.
Team Worthy Wands
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