The secret to changing your life is to trick your brain.

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 Hello Gorgeous Human!

I wanted to pop in and remind you of something that I wish I knew, and remind you of something you might have forgotten.

Do you know that you hold the magic wand to change your life? As in, you already own it, it's your Worthy Wand!

What you might not even realize is, you're holding is a powerful tool for neuroplasticity.

What's that? Well when I began studying neuroscience to create Worthy Wands, I had to learn some complicated sciences, and I'm all about making it like Neuroscience For Dummies, hey I wonder if that actually exists? I'm actually a genius as taking the complicated and making it digestable, and I think you're really going to benefit from what I am sharing with you today - and I share it, because I wish that it was something I learned earlier in my life.

So neuroplasticity is the ability for our brains to rewire themselves and make new connections. This happens every time we experience something new or learn something different—and it happens even more when we repeat those experiences over and over again!

By wearing your Worthy Wand, you're literally tricking your brain into thinking that telling yourself positive messages is a familiar part of your life—And here's the best part: doing this isn't hard at all! All you need is a little repetition, and to use the tool you already have. Your Worthy Wand to anchor it in.

Intentionally hold your Worthy Wand every morning while looking in the mirror and repeat the words to yourself. Your mind will do the rest!

Creating new neural pathways isn't as hard as you think either, and you're already doing it every time you go to the google machine, or go to Youtube University and learn something new. Amazing right?

So all you have to do is tell your subconscious mind a story about yourself that's a little bit different from the one it usually hears. Okay, let's go A LOT different is the inner dialogue isn't squeaky clean. Because your subconscious mind has no way of telling fact from fiction. When you make up a story, it believes it right away. HAVE FUNNNN WITH IT - I mean who knew, right? Well, the universe did, most of us are just a little late getting the memo, but I got you!

But what are these “neural pathways” she's talking about? Well, every time you have a thought, an emotion, or even just say something out loud, you're creating a neural pathway in your brain. That means that over time—if you keep saying the same thing, thinking the same thoughts, and having the same feelings—you create stronger and stronger neural pathways.

Here's where things get interesting: when you change up those thoughts and emotions by telling yourself a new story—one that's more positive and empowering than the old one—you create new neural pathways in your brain. Then, over time, those new pathways become stronger than the old ones. You've changed your mind!

So go ahead: tell yourself a brand new story and experience the magic for yourself!

Happy Spring Equinox ( this day can be seen as a transitional rebirthing, or a “reset stage” where we release our hold on the old and open and prepare ourselves for the year ahead, aka create some new stories!)

Love Always,

Amanda xo

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