Anchoring Self Worth

anchoring self worth

Anchoring Self Worth

What keeps you grounded? What takes you home to yourself?

We all know that a traditional anchor is a heavy piece of metal that keeps a ship steady and in place. ⚓️

We in life have many unconscious anchors. When you see red flashing lights behind you when you're driving, there is a certain feeling or meaning that is assigned to it. Or can you think of someone who, whenever you see them you cringe? Or maybe, when you visit your parents you feel like a child again?

When something is anchored, we react without thinking. This can be beneficial or painful.

Anchors define triggers for states and behaviors, and you can learn how to create triggers for desired responses.

When we designed Worthy Wands, we combined sciences ( neuroscience, epigenetics and Neuro Linguistics) so to act as an anchor, providing stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.

They're an organic way to achieve calm and help you find your balance. Always within reach to keep you grounded, helping you find your breath. They also work on the subconscious level + epigenetic level to rewire neural pathways and help rewire old limiting beliefs so you can anchor in more empowering ones.

An anchor, literally and figuratively, determines whether or not you’ll make it through a storm, and the anchor goes where you go. Ships don’t pick up a new anchor every time they decide to dock. Wherever they go in the world, the anchor is there to settle and ground them if needed.

That is what our anchors can do for you!

If you have one of our programming guides, we teach you how to create a specific anchors with your Worthy Wands, so all you have to do is touch your anchor, and life becomes more manageable, and decisions are easier to make.

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