Stop letting things that don't give your worth to take your worth.

increase self esteem

What is self-worth?

Before I get to that, let me tell you what it's NOT.

It is not your status.

Not your social status, financial status, relationship status, friendship status.

Status has nothing to do with your worth because the world can't give you what's already yours.

You can't buy credibility - yet people do it every day. They buy the blue checkmark, they buy placements in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, but that's not what makes you worthy.

Your creator made you Worthy.

The only way your worth leaves you is when you give it away or defend your worth with the wrong things.
I promise you this - You will lose yourself trying to find yourself in the wrong things. I did that, and let me tell you that you will always see yourself as less when you are comparing yourself to others.

Where does your worth live?
What does your happiness depend on?
What is your self-esteem connected to?

If it's connected to anything outside of you, IT HAS the power to control you.

Who is pulling the strings on your self-worth?
What have you given the power to decide if you're worthy or enough?

Is it social media?
How many ppl buy your things or attend your events?
Your weight?

Then that is controlling how you feel about yourself.

The first step to knowing your worth is knowing what controls it, and I believe it comes down to two things.
Acceptance of Self and Confidence in self. 

Acceptance is power.

When you accept yourself you free yourself. It's easier to win when you stop thinking you'll fail. When you can learn to do this, accepting less becomes forever unacceptable, that's what I want for you.

Confidence is knowing you're enough - when you know you're enough you stop accepting not enough.

True confidence is when you know your worth, and it's one of the most attractive qualities of all. It's not to show others how great you are, it's for YOU to see how great you are. That's winning!

I had no sense of worth, I lacked it for many reasons but when I healed - my life changed.

Stop allowing the things that didn't give you worth, to take your worth.

Sending you all my love,
Amanda xo
Chief Worthiness Officer - Worthy Wands
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