Whatever you want, wants you!

How to build self confidence

The law of vibration

If you desire it, it IS for you ... BUT you have to get into an energetic vibration in order to attract it. In other words, you need to be an energetic match for your desires.

Are you an energetic match for what you're calling in?

If you don't have what you say you desire, the reason you don't have it yet is that you’re ordering off of the menu of what you think you can have, what you think you're worthy of.

You limit your dreams, and what's possible because of old programming stored in your subconscious mind, and it's more than likely that you’re operating at a low vibration so you're not an energetic match for what you're trying to call in.

The Universe is abundant AF, and scarcity only exists in our minds.

I can hear you saying, but I "can't change" "it's too hard" I hear this all the time, and if I'm honest, those were my defaults too because I didn't understand the law of vibration, and I didn't understand the subconscious mind.

You believed in Santa, Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, until you didn't, which means changing your mind IS possible.

You changed your mind OVERNIGHT when you learned that it was your parents leaving money and presents. OVERNIGHT! You went from believing to not. Just like that. So it is POSSIBLE and you CAN DO IT, and you are worthy of EVERYTHING and anything you desire. ⁣The key is you believing in you.

The universe is just one giant photocopier, and the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the words you speak, your environment, the Universe just says YES to it all!!!

But then there's good old free will.

The truth is we're always manifesting, but is it what you want, because we manifest 24/7. When I manifest something great, I'm like ... I did that. When I manifest something not so great because of my own vibration and alignment, I say,  I manifested that too!

So whatever you want, is it in alignment for YOU?

Is it in your highest and best? It is good for you, for others for the world? Really think about that. WHY do you want something? It's always because we believe we will feel better in having it, Do you need to delay your happiness? Can you feel good right now? The manifestation is just the by-product of the thoughts that we are thinking now. The manifestation is really old news, it's our old thoughts made manifest.

Manifestation is all about alignment. It's all about vibration. 

For me now, if something is not a F YES, it's a NO! I lived with the opposite for WAY too long and misalignment never leads to fulfillment.⁣ If it doesn't make me feel excited, it's a hard pass.

That includes, friendships, partnerships, offers etc.

How many times have you betrayed your intuition by doing things that you intuitively knew wasn’t in alignment with who you are?⁣

TODAY, right now to shift your patterns, start BEing conscious of your patterns. Start being a conscious creator. When you have awareness, you can make a conscious shift. ⁣

Create your own menu.

Stop letting other people order what THEY think you deserve to have. You deserve to have the LOVE, confidence, joy, the relationship, and the life of your dreams because YOU can create it! We are creators and we came earth side to CREATE the life of our dreams. But you have to believe that you're worthy of them first.

So if you were able to think thoughts and believe things for years, you can also replace them and create new empowering ones.

You’re magic, and you're worth more than a life of settling. If you have a desire in your soul it’s because you’re meant to manifest it into physical existence.

May all your vibes scream you got this today! 💋

Sending all my love,
Amanda xo - Chief Worthiness Officer - Worthy Wands
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