5 Things you need to stop doing immediately as they lower your self-worth/esteem.

How to increase self worth, self love, self care

Signs that you're in low self worth and need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

5 Things you need to stop doing immediately as they lower your self-worth/esteem.

  1. Creating fake accounts to spy on your ex + your exes ex.
  2. Checking who your ex follow
  3. Watching your ex friends stories
  4. Checking their Netflix accounts to see what they're watching.
  5. Zooming in on pictures + analyzing their #'s.


First, let me say, I've been there and man did I ever self-abuse myself, as my underdeveloped sense of self-worth + ego took me on the ride from hell. This will happen when you have low self worth and aren’t taking responsibility for your own healing.

This quite possibly could mean a no contact until you heal.

It IS possible to walk away from a relationship without devaluing yourself in the process. You can do this by acknowledging they came into your life and played the perfect role for your evolution. No one comes into our life by chance. They were placed there on purpose.

Most relationships are an opportunity for us to heal our childhood wounds, and if we don't heal those wounds, our partners then become our parent.

Also, side note the quality of our relationships is a sign of our own emotional health. From here, you can realize where you've been wounded, are wounded, and where you're continuing to wound yourself.

They exited your life because they had to, they fulfilled their role, just like when a butterfly leaves the cocoon, it served its purpose.

Have some standards for yourself.

If you want to follow them maybe, you were a bonus mom/dad, shared a pet, etc and you actually care about how their doing in their new life without you, then proudly follow. If you have to hide it, you’re not healed. If they have to hide you, they aren’t healed.

Be in integrity with yourself, and the role they played in your life. We only ever have two choices in life, grow, or repeat.

The past is meant to PREPARE you not to IMPAIR you and life always present us with circumstances and people to show us where we’re not free.

Learn how to meet your own needs and regulate your own nervous system and set healthy boundaries, then and only then is it possible to have a conscious relationship as two people who are healed, and are showing up as their best selves.

You’re worthy of this.

Sending you so much love,

Amanda xo

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