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Jewelry designed for the conscious woman who doesn’t shy away from making a statement, she knows she's worthy of all her heart's desires! #worthywands

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I suffered from major anxiety, and since getting my Worthy Wands I now have a way to organically anchor me back to calm. A million times thank-you for creating these!

Jennifer Mercer

I felt Invalid most of my life since seeing my birth certificate with that checked box. When I was gifted a Worthy Wands I realized my worth doesn't come from a box, it comes from me! I never take it off!

Lucy Robinson

My Worthy Wands gives me confidence. It's a daily reminder that I am as Worthy as I decide to be. I wish I had one in highschool! My daughters all wear them as well, it's their secret weapon!

Judith Wilson

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Hi Gorgeous Soul,

Amanda's story

How Our Worthy Wands Work

Although the brain tends to hold onto beliefs, it can also be retrained. Beliefs are basically patterns that the brain has identified, so by feeding it new patterns, you can start to rewire it. This is our mission with our Worthy Wands.


They act as an anchor to ground you back to your truth + a state of calm.

They feed your cells with positivity as the powerful words lay across your chest or wrist. Epigenetics for the win!

By following the proven method outlined in our guidebook, you can help reprogram the subconscious mind by rewiring limiting beliefs and anchoring in new more empowering ones.

Our wands provide a daily visual reminder that you are indeed Worthy + Enough, and as a result self-worth, self-love, and self- confidence increases.

We live in a world that says we're not enough, so we're constantly striving to become something other than what we are. We're told that everything outside of us is valuable, but that's not true. There's nothing that you need outside of who you truly are. Freedom is found when you finally realize this. You are Worthy + Enough just as you are. Let's heal any part of you that disagrees.


To date, that I know of, these wands have saved two lives to suicide. They've also helped women through cancer, divorces, and even getting pregnant. They've helped many gorgeous souls get off anxiety + other prescription medication, as they were able to find their breath, and ground themselves into the present with their anchor. Depression is a result of thinking about the past, and anxiety is when we are uncertain and fearful of the future. When you're able to ground yourself into the only moment that truly matters, the present, you can breathe knowing you're safe.

Enough IS ENOUGH! Enough to playing small, enough to competing and comparing yourself against perfect strangers on the internet. Enough to thinking that something outside of you will make you feel enough, it won't because you are enough, right now! 

What are you ready to say ENOUGH to?


The words you speak go in like lotion into dry skin, and your cells are listening. Plain and simple: your beliefs affect the functioning of the trillions of cells in your body.

Science has proven this, so whatever you tell your mind it accepts as truth and mirrors it back to you.⁣⁣

The #1 fear we all have in common is that we're not enough.⁣⁣ When we don't feel  enough, we believe we need more, and we begin to look outside ourselves for it.⁣⁣ Science states through epigenetics, that our cells are always listening so why not feed it truth? Empowerment? Love? I've designed this line so these 4 empowering words across your chest or wrist and go to work. Our brains love repetition, therefore seeing these words every day is how you begin to rewire. Neuroplasticity for the win!⁣ 

You are enough, you were born enough, and you are worthy of whatever you have the courage to ask for, and believe in.



Worthy Wands - Warrior + Love

You can't quarantine love! Your daily reminder that YOU ARE A WARRIOR and Warriors can do hard things when they lead with love. The perfect gift for anyone who has endured unbelievable circumstances and continues to rise!


Worthy Wands - Worthy + Enough

For the Worthy Women who isn't afraid to make a statement!  These ANCHORS that are designed to raise self-worth, and reprogram the subconscious mind. Because you're meant for more than staying stuck in the place of self doubt, unworthiness, anxiety and not-enoughness. 

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Hello Gorgeous Rose Gold + Crystal

Inhale confidence + sparkle + worth, exhale doubt, fear + anxiety. Rose Gold holds the energy of love, grace, and elegance. We've accented it with a little sparkle because we think you're "Oh So Worthy" of shining brightly all ways, always! 


OM YA! White Jade Bracelet – Gold Bar

White Jade is known for its power to keep you calm + peaceful. Increases creativity, brings in more abundance and prosperity, and releases negative energy + old limiting beliefs/patterns.

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OM YA! Black Onyx Bracelet – Silver Bar

Black Onyx is a powerful warrior stone, a protection stone, which absorbs + transforms negative energy and always has your back guiding from darkness into the light. 


Learn how to program your Worthy Wands with this 36-page workbook

My approach is a combination of neuroscience research, epigenetics, NLP ( Neuro-linguistic programming), and psychology. Learn how to reprogram and anchor in new empowering beliefs.


Jewelry that gives back.

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln


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