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I’m so grateful that you are as obsessed with Worthy Wands as I am.

Make sure you actually own a Worthy Wand before you apply to become an affiliate, as you’ll need to have experienced the magic to talk about it and the actual jewelry to showcase and share with your friends and social networks. 

We offer a 10% baseline commission on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns), which you make through your own personalized affiliate link. Once someone uses your link to make their own purchase, you start earning a commission. You will gain access to your own dashboard where you can track your sales and access marketing materials. 

You will also have exclusive access to special promos, flash sales, and coupons that you can  share with only your community.

It's time to empower WORTHY PEOPLE everywhere to rise! It's time for people everywhere to know their worth so when things they've been praying for arrive, they believe they deserve it!

Most of us have been taught to disown our worth in attempts to belong, be accepted, loved, and seen. As a result, we often feel lost and disconnected from what it is we truly want and need. We end up living half a life competing, comparing, and struggling to own our power. 

Worthy Wands were created to change this, and give people everywhere an anchor back to their truth.

I know that if your worthy wand has improved your life, your confidence, or/and your wellbeing, it will also improve the lives of your friends, followers, and loved ones.

My mission is simple: Empowerment

Empowering ourselves first so it no longer becomes a questions of "am I enough?” or “am I worthy?" It becomes a statement! I AM enough! I AM worthy! 

If you're about empowering WORTHY PEOPLE, endorsing self love, and promoting the importance of mental health, please consider applying!

I’d love to work alongside you to help raise the collective consciousness.

Please also make sure you include your socials so I can make sure you’re an embodiment of our brand. 

Amanda xo

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