If you’re feeling stuck in life, it’s time to take a look at your energetic code.

If you’re feeling stuck in life, it’s time to take a look at your energetic code.

You can BE DO OR HAVE anything you want, but first you need to believe it.

The only reason you don't have what you say you desire in life is because you don't feel worthy of it. Self Worth IS the law of attraction, and because we manifest from our subconscious mind, we can't attract or manifest greater than we feel worthy of receiving. 

You are an energetic match to your thoughts. Always. All ways. The thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, and the words you use create an energetic code within you.

The universe doesn't speak English. It speaks vibration.

Your thoughts are the most powerful tools in your arsenal for creating your reality. Your emotions are a close second, because they are more closely tied to your core belief system than anything else. But there is one more thing that's even more powerful than either of those: your words.

Your words create a vibration that resonates with the universal energy field and brings about real-world results by influencing other people's perception of reality as well as their own behavior and action patterns. If your thoughts are trapped in fear, then your vibration will be one of fear and limitation. If your thoughts are positive, then your vibration will be one of positivity and expansion.

What we focus on expands—and that's why our thoughts are so important! What we focus on becomes our reality! So if we want a different reality than what we're currently experiencing, then we need to change our thoughts about ourselves so that they support us in achieving what we want.

The good news is our manifestations are just an indication of vibration, and we can always change our vibration by thinking better feeling thoughts.

Start by identifying any limitations that no longer serve you and then choose a new way of thinking that supports you in creating a more expansive outcome for yourself.

It may seem like a lot of work at first glance, but the beautiful thing that will happen is that you will become the observer of your thoughts. You will be able to see where your vibration is in relation to what you're manifesting.

If you are manifesting something unwanted ( because we are manifesting experiences 24/7) perfect! now you know that your point of attraction, your thoughts aren't squeaky clean. They might be in frustration, anger, sadness, jealousy etc .. and that's why you are manifesting what you are to show you what you don't want.

We are all creators and we create our own reality with our thoughts - the only question is, do you like what you are co-creating with the universe?

If you want a little help getting your energetics in order and raising your self worth, you can check out our science backed line of jewelry to go to work in the background and start reprogramming your subconscious beliefs around your worthiness.

You had worth at birth, time to shift the energetics 👑

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