The Connection Between Self-Worth and Manifestation

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We are a few weeks into 2024 and all the buzz is about manifestation! Vision boards etc ... so let's talk about the profound connection between self-worth and the art of manifestation. Yes, there is a link between feeling good about yourself and making your dreams come true.

It's like having a magic key that opens doors to endless possibilities. Let's explore why believing in your own worth is the secret sauce to bringing your desires to life.

Your Inner Truth - You're Already Awesome:

First things first, let's get this straight—you're awesome just the way you are. Your worth isn't something you need to earn or prove; it's already there. Think of it like having a rock-solid base for a skyscraper. Your dreams are the skyscraper, and your self-worth is the unshakable foundation beneath. You were born worthy. It's not something you need to find, it's something you need to remember and embody in order to master the manifestation game because you can't manifest something into your life that you don't feel worthy of receiving. 

Positive Vibes:

Ever notice how some people just seem to attract good things? That's because they're vibing on a positive frequency, and a big part of that is feeling worthy. It's like sending out signals to the universe saying, "I am worthy the good stuff," and guess what? The universe listens. Whatever thought we think ( subconsciously or otherwise ) send out signals. So it's not so much what you're saying, because it doesn't matter what you are saying, it only matters the frequency in which you are saying it, and what you believe.

If you believed in your manifestations would you give up on them? If you really knew your own worth and value and owned it, would life still look the same way it does today? Sometimes, loving ourselves feels like a stretch, right? So, how about we focus on respecting ourselves first? Respect is grounded, and tangible. It's about embracing your worth and value and honoring how things make you feel.

Imagine navigating life through the lens of deep respect for yourself. Where you can say: “I respect myself too much to continue this conversation, to stay where my energy is drained, to consume things that don't serve me, and to engage in actions that diminish my essence." How would your world shift if this became your mantra? It's a "what if" this is worth exploring, isn't it?

What if we embraced self-respect as the anchor in our journey, allowing it to shape our choices and interactions?

Believing Makes It Happen 

You Can Do It:

Believing in yourself is like having a superhero cape—it makes everything possible. When you trust that you're capable and worthy, and start to respect yourself, you naturally start thinking, "Of course I can do this!" It's the difference between thinking, "Maybe I'm not good enough" and saying, "No, I've got this!" Remove the timeframe. The universe isn't on your timeline, it has its own timeline and will only ever deliver what you can hold onto.

You might want more clients, but can you handle more clients? You might want 1000 more customers, but can your infrastructure handle the volume? Do you have the fortitude to handle the duality that comes with success? Unhappy clients? Can you handle it without having it mean something about you? 

When we have a strong belief in our creation, or our desire we can take the time lines off of it. We just trust. It's an inner knowing. This is because we understand that creation is a process. We understand that WE ARE THE CREATOR. You don't put a kernel of corn in the ground and then go back next week and wonder why it hasn't turned into an ear of corn - you know that it takes time. You trust what is happening in the unseen. You trust the creation. Same is true for manifestation. You don't cancel it out, or yourself out just because it hasn't happened .... yet. It's all about the journey of "getting the thing" It's not about "the thing". That would be like you getting on a cruise in Florida, only to get off 7 days later. The captain says, well - no point in getting on, you've arrived where you are getting off. You are there for the journey, the trip, the joy of experiencing it all. This is true for manifestations as well, and the only reason why we want "the thing" is because we think we will feel better having it.

Some Ways to Boost Your Worth for Manifesting 

1. Positive Pep Talks:

Start your day with a little pep talk. Tell yourself things like, "I am worthy of all the good things life has to offer." and actually believe it, because you are AND you're setting the tone for a day and anchoring in that positivity. It's a big reason why we've created our Worthy Wands to act as anchors and to rewire the brain. Seeing Worthy and Enough on your necklace allows your mind, body and soul to accept this truth and then the magic starts to happen. It's not really magic, it's science. It's the way our brains work. Repetition. so repeat positive affirmations to yourself.

2. Visualize:

Close your eyes and picture yourself achieving your dreams. Feel the excitement, see the success—it's like creating a mental movie where you're the hero. It's amping up the energy where you can be a vibrational match to your desires.

3. Gratitude High-Five:

Keep a gratitude journal and jot down things you're grateful for, especially the awesome things about yourself. It's like giving yourself a high-five for being so amazing. It's also about stacking the magic. The universe LOVES magic.

4. Self-Care Vibes:

Treat yourself with kindness. Take time for self-care—it could be a bubble bath, a walk in nature, or anything that makes you feel good. It's like telling yourself, "Hey, I'm important, and I worthy of this." side note, it increases your energetic vibration.

5. Let Go of Doubts:

When that inner critic shows up, kick them out by repeating affirmations like, "I am worthy, and I can make things happen." It's like showing those doubts the door and welcoming in confidence. ( check back because we have a blog coming about how to tame that inner critic )

Your Magic Key to Dreams is YOU.

Believing in yourself is like having a magic key to unlock your dreams. Your worth isn't just a side note; it's the main character in your story. So, next time you dream big, remember—you're not just wishing; you're telling the universe, "I am worthy, and I am ready for all the good things coming my way." Keep believing, keep dreaming, and watch the magic unfold.

You've got this! We believe in you! Happy manifesting!

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