The "Not Good Enough" Gremlin - Conquering Self-Doubt in Entrepreneurship

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Conquering Self-Doubt in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs: warriors of innovation, risk-takers with big dreams, chasers of audacious goals, builders of empires from scratch, navigators of uncharted waters. But lurking in the shadows of ambition, there lives the "not good enough" gremlin. This insidious critter whispers, NO, shouts doubts, it magnifies failures, and shrinks our confidence to the size of a pea.

But we were not born to be held hostage by self-doubt. This blog is your battle cry, your guide to slaying the gremlin and claiming your entrepreneurial birthright.

The "not good enough" gremlin is a beast, not a one-size-fits-all monster. It has a unique hiding spot for each one of us, and identifying its specific hiding place is crucial for a targeted takedown.

First, let's dissect the beast. Where does this feeling of inadequacy rear its ugly head? Is it the paralyzing fear of the blank page before a pitch to a client? The crushing comparison game that leaves you feeling like a deflated balloon? Hitting live on social? These are just a few hiding places! Your gremlin might be lurking in the shadows of networking events, social media feeds, on first dates, or even within your own family dynamics.

The key is to be specific. Ask yourself:

    • When do I feel most "not good enough"?
    • What triggers my self-doubt?
    • What situations make me feel like an imposter?
    • What are the specific narratives the gremlin feeds me?

Once you pinpoint the gremlin's spot, you can develop targeted strategies to dismantle its defenses. You wouldn't charge into a dragon's den with a squirt gun, would you? Of course not, you need the right tools for the job! So, identify your gremlin's hiding spots will help you more effectively silence the gremlin so you can unleash your full potential!

What's the evidence the gremlin throws around?  Is it past failures? Harsh critiques from long ago? Failed relationships? Hear this loud and clear: your past does not define your future. Those stumbles were stepping stones, those critiques mere whispers in the wind. You, are a phoenix rising from the ashes, not a prisoner of your past. Wanna know something interesting AND freeing?

The past doesn't even exist. That's right. Can you go get it? Can you bring it to the table and can we touch it and change it? Nope! So it technically doesn't exist, so when would now be a good time to stop giving it your energy?

Let's reframe the narrative! Let's replace the gremlin's toxic whispers with empowering mantras:

  • "I am a masterpiece in progress, constantly evolving and learning." Embrace the growth mindset! Every mistake is a brushstroke on your masterpiece, every setback a chapter in your epic saga.
  • "My worth is inherent, not earned." You don't need to prove your value. It's woven into the fabric of your being, as radiant as the sun and unshakeable as a mountain.
  • "My unique perspective is a weapon, not a weakness." The world needs your spirit, your distinct approach. Don't be a copycat, be a trailblazer!
  • "I choose to focus on my strengths, not my perceived flaws." Identify your superpowers, hone them to a razor's edge, and let them be the fuel that propels you forward.

But wait, there's more! Visualization is your secret weapon. Paint a vivid picture of yourself conquering your goals, radiating confidence, and inspiring others. Let that vision be your North Star, guiding you through every storm. This is called pre-paving. Scripting. Your mind needs to see it before you can achieve it. Notice I didn't say believe it, I said see it. So visualize it!

Close your eyes, Take a deep breath and step into your future self. See yourself, not as a deflated balloon, but as a hot air balloon, soaring confidently above the clouds. Feel the wind beneath your wings, the sun warming your face as you reach your entrepreneurial Everest.

In this vision, you're nailing that pitch deck presentation. Your words flow like lava, captivating the audience with your brilliance. The applause is deafening, not of pity, but of admiration. You see the faces you've inspired, the minds you've ignited, and your heart swells with the pride. 

Don't stop there! Paint yourself closing groundbreaking deals, launching revolutionary products, and building a community that thrives on your  energy. See yourself speaking on grand stages, your voice echoing wisdom and encouragement. Imagine the world transformed by your unique spark, the impact you leave on generations to come. See yourself on that first date, and that first date turning into a full blown loving, relationship.

This vision is not just a daydream, it's a blueprint for your future. Hold it close, let it be your guiding star in the darkest storms of self-doubt. When the gremlin whispers its lies, pull out your mental paintbrush and add another stroke of success to your masterpiece. 

Remember visualization is a muscle. The more you flex it, the stronger it becomes. Spend time each day cultivating your vision, adding details, and fueling it with your unwavering belief. Soon, the line between your vision and reality will blur, and you'll find yourself living the life you painted, not just dreaming it.

You are worthy ... of it ALL! Really anchor this in, it's the key to manifestation. We cannot manifest into our life anything greater than we feel worthy of receiving. This is why building our self worth and slaying that "not enough" gremlin is paramount.

Your journey to slaying this " gremlin isn't a solitary trek. You're not alone in this fight. Look around you – there are countless others, each with their own unique spark, their own gremlins to conquer. It's actually the number one limiting belief in the world. Google it!

Build your tribe, your entrepreneurial family. Find mentors who've walked the path before you, who can offer guidance and a hand to hold on stormy days. Connect with others share your struggles and victories, and build each other up. If such a community doesn't exist, create one!

This tribe will be your support system, your cheering squad, your reality check. When self-doubt whispers, and it will - it's their voices that will remind you of your worth. When you stumble, it's their hands that help you back up. And when you soar, it's their cheers that echo in your ears, propelling you even higher.

Don't be afraid to reach out, don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Open your heart, share authentically, and let the fire of your tribe warm your soul. Together, you can build a fortress of resilience, a beacon of hope that no gremlin can extinguish.

And remember, this journey is not just about slaying the gremlin within. It's about becoming the best version of yourself, a beacon of inspiration for others. Share your story, your struggles and triumphs, with the world. Let your vulnerability become your strength, your warrior spirit a guiding light for those who doubt their own potential.

Be the mentor you needed, the cheerleader you craved, the voice of encouragement that whispers, "You are enough, you are worthy. You are capable of anything you set your mind to."

The "not good enough" gremlin may whisper, but you are the roar that drowns it out. Find your roar and remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, embrace the stumbles, celebrate the victories, and never stop dancing with the warrior spirit that burns within you. Because beautiful soul the world needs your light. Now go shine!

Sending you all my love,

Amanda - Chief Gremlin Slayer - Worthy Wands

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