Permission Slip

How to build self worth

Permission Slip

You’ve got to give yourself permission to win. 

To succeed. 

You must decide right now to face your setbacks, your story, your lack of support, your lack of resources and keep pushing forward towards success. This is a big module in my course and it is the key to your freedom.

You see, it’s never a matter of resources, it merely a matter of resourcefulness. It’s the meaning you are giving the situation. Is it empowering or disempowering? Is it coming from love or fear?

There is no magic wand, or knight in shining armour, or million dollars falling out of the sky. No one is coming to save you. It’s up to you to believe that you’re worthy and capable and can overcome whatever it is you’re facing right now. 

The choices you make on a daily basis reflect how you feel about yourself. No one’s going to give you permission to be yourself and the only thing standing between you and a better, healthier, more abundant life is simply giving yourself a permission slip to be who you truly are meant to BE.

Yes, I know that can be difficult because we live in a culture where we are programmed from birth to ask “authority figures” for permission for everything. I played the leader game reaaaalllllly well, so I feel you! BUT, you’re here for a reason and a purpose and it’s impossible to be who you are truly meant to be if you are always looking to others for permission.

We automatically seek this approval from family, friends and others, because we fear disapproval. So we start suppressing our true selves, we begin to hide our dreams and desires, because we fear that others might not approve. We will often make ourselves small as we conform to familial, cultural and societal norms, so that we don’t risk judgment or rejection, and, the end result is that we each create a limited bubble of permission for ourselves, and this becomes our comfort zone, our default, our normal. 

Enter the death of our soul.

Who would you be if you gave yourself full permission to be, do and have all you desire?

Most of us are so accustomed to withholding permission from ourselves, and seeking it from others, that we don’t even know that we are doing it, and so it invisibly runs our lives. But isn’t time we find out?

We are so trained to look outside ourselves for permission, but this is part of the illusion of the trap, because the only one who can give you permission to be yourself is you. 

Okay Miss Amanda cute, that sounds awesome but HOW!? I wish I could tell you to drink this, do that and boom! Doesn’t work like that and it’s going to require full surrender and means that you must first disentangle your worth from the equation, this is what my course Breakdown to Breakthrough is all about.

My worth used to be attached to DOing for everyone because that’s how I validate my worth. Ya, it works until it doesn’t, so instead of gaining a sense of artificial and conditional worth from what you do, make your worth independent of everything and everyone. Connect with the higher part of you who knows your unconditional worth. That way when something ends, be it a job or a relationship, your self-worth doesn’t walk out the door too.

Intertwined with permission is self-trust

In order to give yourself permission, you must trust yourself to make conscious choices. 

If you don’t trust yourself, how can you ever give yourself permission? There is an all-knowing consciousness inside you, at all moments, guiding you for your highest good. The more you can connect with this guidance, and the more you listen to it, the easier it will be to give yourself permission. 

So, let’s start with basic things:

  • If you are sick, give yourself permission to heal.
  • If you are poor, give yourself permission to be abundant.
  • If you need help, give yourself permission to ask for help.
  • If you’re in an unhappy job or relationship, give yourself permission to be free.

Every day give yourself permission to do something, even if you need to write yourself a little note. Do it because you deserve it!

Sending you all my love,

Amanda xo

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