This necklace is part of our love story.

Worthy Wands inspires and empowers women to overcome life's challenges by providing them with meaningful, positive messages and symbols of strength.

This is a beautiful love story. I'm so grateful to have created something that is helping others stay connected to themselves and others as they move through life's challenges. Our pieces are a reminder that you have a story to tell, and your story matters, even in the hard times.

I lost my husband to cancer and was challenged to find the courage to live for a while. But this necklace got me through.

A close friend gifted me a Worthy Wand as a symbol of strength, courage, and love when my husband was diagnosed. She was also gifted a Worthy Wand from her husband who had died before their story was finished too. She said he always saw her as a Warrior, and she wanted me to have that strength too as we were gearing up for the fight of our lives.

The necklace said Warrior on one side and Love on the other.

I let those words land. I never thought of myself like that. I always just did what was asked or required of me, regardless of how hard it was.

My husband and I were a team. We had many challenges, like all couples, but together with love we always managed to overcome them.

He died before our story was finished.

I had so much more in store for us. I wanted to travel more, dance more, laugh more. I wanted more pictures, more memories, more meals shared over delicious food and wine. Life had other plans for us.

I showed him the necklace and he told me that he always saw me that way. Everytime he told me that we needed to move for his work, 23 times, he reminded me "You just said, okay, let's do this! onto the next adventure, and like a warrior ninja you made everything go away and be beautiful again." He said "you've fought for me like no one ever had these last 6 months. You are a warrior my love."

Again, this isn't something that I ever thought of myself as. I thought a Warrior was for the movies like Braveheart, but my BRAVE heart had to let the love of my life go and I had to learn to Warrior on.

Instead of wearing the necklace, we would often just hold onto it together, it's like the energy of the necklace was reminding us to be strong. As he took his last breath, I looked down and noticed he had flipped it to the LOVE side.

This is WAY more than a necklace, it is part of our love story. It's been almost a year since he passed away, but this necklace has become an anchor for me during this time of incredible change and growth. It's something I can always hold onto as a reminder that even though my husband isn't here with us anymore, we're still in each other's hearts every day.

Thank you for making something so beautiful that literally has become my anchor as I learn to Warrior on!

Wearing these necklaces from Worthy Wands helps you see yourself as a Warrior and not just a victim, I think everyone should have one quite honestly!

Much love and gratitude,


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