Why Self Worth Is So Important

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Why Self Worth Is So Important

We can't give you worth, that's something that comes from within. All we can do is remind you of what's already there, and help you anchor that truth into your daily life.

It's easy to forget that we're enough sometimes. Doesn't matter who you are, even JLO recently said that she herself didn't feel enough, and her journey of self-healing was the most worthy journey she ever took.

Between the constant pressure to be better, have more, or do more and the fear of being seen as too full of ourselves, it can feel like there's not much space left to just BE.

But here's the thing—you ARE enough. Not only are you enough; you are worthy of everything this life has to offer. You were born worthy, and your birthright is yours for the taking.

Worthy Wands exists to be a talisman for your journey towards living out your birthright. Your daily reminder that you're always worthy of whatever desire you have. The key to manifesting in the 3D world is believing it.

We’re not here to tell you who to be or how to live your life. We’re just here to give you a little nudge in the right direction. And that direction is: inwards.

Inwards towards your own heart, where all your magic lives. You have everything you need inside yourself—always have, always will. All you have to do is open your heart to what’s there and learn to love it. That’s when you’ll start seeing the world differently—and when you’ll realize that everything and everyone around you is telling you that you are so worthy of love, joy, and abundance. 

Maybe it sounds a little silly to imagine that one necklace can make all the difference. But just think about how many times throughout your day you unconsciously touch something: your phone, your laptop, a pen, the doorknob.

If you were touching an object with Worth/Enough engraved on it all those times, what do you think would happen? The message would sink into your brain without any effort on your part. It would also seep into your cells ( the power of epigenetics ) Before you know it, you've rewired your brain and you're start believing in yourself more and more each day. And then who knows what amazing things could happen?

Can't wait to hear the magic they will create in your life.


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