Planting seeds of self-worth in the girls of tomorrow

Planting seeds of self-worth in the girls of tomorrow

We believe the world needs a new kind of woman. One who moves through it with love, boundless confidence, and a sense of her own value.

We want to raise women who are unapologetic in their self-worth and unshakeable in their leadership. And we know this starts long before they grow into the women we need them to be.

Ever since @worthywands was founded, we've been on a mission to help women recognize their worth and lead with love, even in a world that's trying to tell them they're not enough. Now as we look to the future of our company, we can't help but think about the girls who are going to grow up into the women of tomorrow. We want them to be empowered, confident, and strong — so that when they become the women of today's world, they can live out their full potential.

That's why we're planting seeds of self-worth in the girls of tomorrow—so that they bloom into strong, confident women.

What kind of world can you imagine if every woman felt like she was enough? If she knew that her worth wasn't defined by her clothes or her body or her job or who she was dating? If she didn't have to feel like she was competing with other women, but instead she could lift others up and be lifted up by them?

It's a beautiful vision, isn't it? It's what we're working toward at Worthy Wands every day and it's why we've expanded our line and created something just for teens and pre-teens.

Our newest statement necklace out this week is an elegant reminder that true beauty starts from within. The solid heart-shaped necklace with the words "worthy" engraved on the back will be her daily reminder that she's worthy, and it's also a symbol of LOVE, to help carry her through life with confidence and courage. Available in 18K gold, Silver, and Rose Gold! #worthywands

Let's remind our youth of their worth so they can create a world where ALL girls are valued, loved, and have an opportunity to thrive!

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