The effects that jewelry has on self-esteem

The effects that jewelry has on self-esteem

Of all the wonderful things we can do to help ourselves in the pursuit of mental health, one of my favorites is using jewelry as a tool for self-improvement.

This is why I created Worthy Wands. Because I needed a daily reminder and an anchor to anchor me back to my truth - that I was born Worthy and Enough. I realize using jewelry to rewire your brain may seem a little out there, I get it — and I'm okay with being "out there" because it's science, it works, it's helping thousands, and saving lives.

This might sound silly at first. After all, jewelry feels less like a doctor's prescription and more like a fun way to accessorize an outfit. But jewelry doesn't need be superficial or frivolous—it can have significant symbolic meaning that makes us feel powerful or reminds us of our personal value and worth. I've been wearing jewelry for decades, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I experienced the power of adorning myself with something that had meaning. During that experience, I was inspired to create Worthy Wands first prototype because I needed an anchor and a daily reminder that I was worthy of love, that I was enough. It sounds strange, I know, because Amanda—means "worthy of love." And yet, because of past trauma, I felt anything but.

Wearing jewelry with intention can literally rewire your brain. That may seem like a stretch, but it's true, there's ample data—and I'm living proof. If you want to read more about the science behind it, you can read more here.

Neuroscience has proven that our brains learn through repetition, this is how new neural pathways are created in the brain, and the science of epigenetics has shown that our cells are always listening. That means that disease is created in the mind long before it manifests in the body. By wearing the right jewelry, you're sporting more than just a fabulous accessory, you now have a functional tool that fundamentally changes the way you see yourself, which changes the inner conversation.

So jewelry really can affect self worth?

Believe it or not, yes! Jewelry is a powerful tool for increasing self-worth. Jewelry can be a symbol of your personality, values, aspirations and goals. When you wear something that you love it gives you confidence and pride in who you are as an individual. When you FEEL good, you do good. Your energy is entirely different, your cells are dancing.

So jewelry can affect your well being?

Yes! Imagine that. Jewelry can be a tool to help you feel more confident. We adorn ourselves with it to feel special, to feel good. It's a great way to wear your heart on your sleeve and show off your best qualities. Because science has proven that our cells are always listening why not wear motivational and inspirational jewelry that feeds your cells positivity? Seeing the words and repeating the words is how your brain learns and it's how you create new neural connections in the brain, it's how you raise your vibration so you can start manifesting whatever you desire. ( another fun fact: you manifest from your subconscious mind, so that means you need to feel WORTHY and ENOUGH for whatever it is you're trying to call in, if you are struggling there, not to worry we can help! )

Use your jewelry as a tool to increase your positivity.

Your jewelry can be an effective tool to increase your positivity and self esteem. It is one of the most effective ways to boost your self worth, and it can also help you look at yourself in a positive light. Especially if your jewelry has positive words that are getting anchored into your soul and subconscious mind.

If you're looking for a good way to boost your mood, your confidence and if you've ever felt that calling to be more, then I encourage you to learn how you, too, can use jewelry to rewire your brain.

Significant change in life always starts with an intention, and always starts from within.

All my love,


Chief Worthiness Officer - Worthy Wands

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