Are you living the life of your dreams or one you've been programmed to live?

What is Self Worth - how to love yourself

My body of work and my passion is about creating change + awareness regarding our sense of self-worth.

It's a tricky and touchy subject and I remember so well when I started on my journey back to wholeness, I was so offended when I was called out for having a worthiness problem. I justified it by saying I was just an over giver. 🥴

My low self-worth or no sense of worth if I'm honest, had me staying and attracting situations that were so out of alignment with who I am today.

I was so addicted to the people-pleasing, I was addicted to seeking external validation because that how I deemed myself worthy of love. If they liked me, then I could like myself.

Is any of this resonating with you? If it is, what it did for me, and most likely what it's done for you is keep you in a constant state of fight, flight or fawn mode.

Fawning is when you temperature check the room and the people and seek safety by merging with the wishes, needs, and demands of others, unconsciously of course - believing that the price of admission to any relationship is, the forfeiture of all your needs, rights, preferences, and boundaries.

Part of getting to a place of high self-worth is being able to recognize what limiting beliefs you have on a subconscious level ( your programs that were installed from parents, school and primary care givers between the ages of 0-7) that are a reflection of your low self-worth, and which one are a reflection of your high self-worth.⁣

When we call in "tests"or challenges, toxicity, drama, people that just aren't in our highest and best, we are in low self-worth, and where we call in grace, flow, ease, love, joy - we are in high self-worth because we aren't self abandoning to people please. We are standing in our sovereignty.

Are you living the life of your dreams or one you've been programmed to live?

We've all been programmed our whole lives, but have we truly learned what it means to come from a place of love and high self-worth? To SEE others through a non-judgmental lens? To see ourselves from the highest and most worthy place?

To truly live a magnetic and abundant life, work on raising your subconscious self-worth. There is no secret sauce, but this is the secret sauce because we manifest from our subconscious mind and the truth is we're always manifesting, the only question is, are you manifesting from a place of low or high self-worth?

Reprogramming is possible and anchoring in high self worth habits is also possible. You’re worthy of that.

If you're just learning about this, and would like to dive deeper into this, you can check out my reprogramming guide which dives deep into subconscious reprogramming and inner child healing.

Sending you all my love,

Amanda xo

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