What is Self Worth

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What is Self-Worth?

It took me 4 decades to truly understand what Self Worth is. Self Worth is about self acceptance. It's about self belief. It's about how you feel about yourself.

Notice the word SELF in there? Contrary to what we've been taught or what we've believed up until today, your self-worth it's fixed, it's not a variable because it's about how YOU feel about yourself, and it actually has nothing to do with what other people think about you - so it doesn't fluctuate.

We've been conditioned to believe that if they like us, or they approval of us we must be worthy. Nope! Wrong! Our Self Worth doesn't change based on external factors because it's always been an inside job, which means, we get to decide how worthy and deserving we are, or aren't.

Without Self Worth we're like a tree with no roots. When we aren't firmly rooted in our values, energy, our belief in self and can't withstand the storms of life. With no roots, we will get blown away, we will break instead of bending and allowing ourselves to sway back and forth like a palm tree.

Be like a palm. 

Stand tall, your bounce back is on the inside ( it's your self worth ) that way when the seasons of change come, which they always do, you be flexible. We all face seasons of loss, of disappointment, seasons where things are removed from our life, ( much like a palm that naturally sheds what no longer serves them and just lets go ) you can too without giving up or doubting how worthy or enough you are because you know it's only temporary because you've got bounce back. 

No storm lasts forever, and soon enough when those winds stop blowing, your bounce back will cause you to stand tall once again. You'll be able to see life from a different perspective. Think of a giraffe and turtle they're reporting from their view of the world.

Self Worth is not the same as Self Esteem. Self Worth is the foundation, it's the roots firmly grounding you. Self Esteem is your leaves. You need strong roots to have healthy leaves.

Be like a palm tree, stand tall, strengthen your roots and know that nothing outside of you determines your worth, you were born worthy and your influence alone is the only thing that matters.

Next time you feel unworthy, stop, straighten up and ask yourself: According to who? Who am I comparing myself against? The only person you should ever compete with is who you were yesterday! 

Born Worthy and So Damn Enough!

Amanda xo

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