Self-love is the highest frequency

If you want to attract everything you desire:

Create a healthy relationship with yourself. This is one of the the most important things you could ever do, because the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship, and you are your longest commitment.

High frequency gives birth to your desires.

I'm sure you've heard of The Law of Attraction right? Well it is the law of high frequency. Self-worth and self-love are the law of attraction in action because your thoughts are vibrational in nature and they create a certain frequency.

The higher your frequency, the higher your vibration. The lower your frequency, the lower your vibration. High frequency attracts high frequencies and low frequencies attract low frequencies. This means that if you want to attract things into your life that you want, then you need to raise your vibration (or raise it's level) by loving yourself first! By thinking high vibrational thoughts.

This is why self love is SO important because loving yourself allows for an even greater flow of energy through YOU into the world! When we can love ourselves fully with no conditions attached, we allow ourselves to be seen as having infinite worth from an unconditional place within our own heart/soul. This is where the magic happens, except it's not not really magic because it's science and it's universal law.

When I understood the law of attraction and the law of vibration, it changed everything for me.

The law of attraction is not a new fad, or some magic that only works for the lucky few who were born with it. It is a universal principle that rules all things in the universe. Everything in this world has been created by this law, and can be used to influence our lives for good or bad, and it works 24/7 which means we are always manifesting - both wanted and unwanted with our thoughts.

Once you learn the law, you can use it for your benefit, no matter what your current situation may be! All you have to do is first realize what attracts the unwanted and negative energy into your life. Then once you've identified these things ask yourself why are they bringing me down? Then focus on what positive emotions you want more to experience more frequently (love, joy, abundance, gratitude). Once you've figured out what attracts positive vibes then begin focusing more on those to attract more.

We spend so much time focused on what we DON'T want and not enough focused on what we DO want. 

The higher our frequency, the more connected we are to our purpose. 

When you're in a state of love, you are connected to your purpose. Your highest vibrational frequency is love, and the more you give it out to others and yourself, the more connected you become to your purpose.

When we love ourselves first and foremost, then we can truly be happy for other people's happiness. When we feel good about ourselves and our lives, then we are able to appreciate those around us and we're more gracious towards others who may be having less than ideal experience.

Your life purpose is not just about becoming successful or achieving goals; it’s also about being happy and spreading that joy with others! So love yourself enough to pursue what makes you happy. Love yourself enough, then love yourself the most.

It's simple, but it's not easy. It requires practice, patience and persistence. But in the end, it will be worth it!

No one can do it for you.

You have to do it for yourself. No one can love you the way that you need to be loved, and you are the only one who can help you raise your frequency.

The more you love yourself, the higher your vibration will be, and the more you will attract everything that is of high frequency to you. It is universal law.

Loving yourself is not selfish.

Before we come to a close for now, I want you to understand something that most of my clients struggle with, and only further delays their manifestations. They think that putting themselves first is selfish.

It is not.

You are not a trophy, or a prize to be won by others. You are you, and you matter. The only person to whom you must work on improving your relationship with is yourself. It’s not about being self-absorbed; it’s about being self aware of who you are, and taking care of yourself first so that you can then give love back to other people in the world around you in a meaningful way.

Love truly does begin with ourselves because if we don't love ourselves then how can we expect anyone else to? We obviously cannot. ( learned that one the hard way, and OUCH!)

Make it fun! What are all the exciting ways you can show yourself some love today? While you're at it - I dare you to stare into your own eyes and tell yourself that you love yourself, and mean it. Don't break the gaze. Stare as long as possible. Journal about what comes up for you. That is your starting point to dig. Dig, that's where the gold is.

Sending you all my love,

Amanda xo - Chief Worthiness Officer

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