How Oprah Inspired My Brand.

How Oprah Inspired My Brand.

Worthy Wands Brand began for a single reason, to teach everyone that they were born worthy.

If you're new to Worthy Wands, the brand's purpose is simple: to teach everyone that they are born worthy. It's about self-worth, self-confidence, self-love and all those other -ships that come with learning to see the beauty in who you are. It's also about celebrating your unique voice by giving yourself permission to use it. We believe in each person’s ability to have an impact on their own life—and on others’ lives as well! The question isn't “if” but rather “how?” The answer lies within each of us; we just need a little help finding it sometimes :)

Worthy Wands was created to help people love themselves. The wand is a symbol of self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance. It’s a reminder with empowering words engraved on them that you are worthy of love from others and from yourself.

The concept for the Worthy Wand came from my own rock bottom in life, where I lost everything that I thought gave me worth and value. I had to figure out who I was created to be, not who I BEcame in order to seek the love and validation that I was thirsty for but never received. I needed an anchor, something to anchor me back to myself, and such the concept of the wand as an anchor. 

I remember watching an Oprah Show when I was younger, and before this particular show she asked everyone in the audience to take out their phones and turn on their flashlights so the studio was full of light in order to create an atmosphere where everyone could feel safe enough to speak openly about whatever was on their minds. This idea resonated with me because I realized that what people need most when they come into my life is light—someone who will shine brightly enough so they can see themselves clearly as they walk toward healing or freedom or whatever it is they desire most at that moment in time.

I believe we all have something beautiful inside us; something worth loving; something worthy of our very best efforts! We are all enough.

In 2018, I put the idea of Worthy Wands into action, and made the first prototype.

I created Worthy Wands for me, but now I'm giving that gift to the world. Because what I've learned is when we learn to love ourselves everyone around us wins. We are all connected; our energy systems work together like a giant network that helps us make connections and create community.

I know how hard it can be to believe in yourself when no one else seems to notice how amazing you are. So I decided that it was my job as an entrepreneur and creator, as well as someone who loves humanity, to create something beautiful and useful for those who want something tangible in addition to emotional support during their journey toward self-worthiness.

Now we carry several styles of Worthy Wands, a new line of simple, elegant, empowerment necklaces + bracelets.

  • Worthy Wand Necklaces Start at: $45

  • Worthy Wand Bracelet: $25

When you purchase a piece of jewelry from us, you're purchasing an item that is designed to help you remember your worth.

Every dollar that comes into the Worthy Wand brand is a human saying,
"I choose me." They're saying, "I love myself. I believe in myself. I am betting on myself. I am worth it."

They're saying, "I am working on myself." They're saying, "I am working on my relationships, on my self-worth, my self-love, my self-confidence." They are saying: "I worthy. I am enough."

And they're saying it with their hard-earned money!

And every time someone loves themselves enough to buy from us, they are not only changing their lives, but they are also impacting the lives of others around them by teaching them how important self-love is!

I believe that every person on this planet deserves to feel loved and valued, and I'm honored to be part of the movement toward a world where everyone knows they're worth it.

The meaning behind our name is reflected in all aspects of our company and product. From the packaging to our website, social media presence, logo and even how we ship things out—every detail has meaning behind it.

This may sound like a lot but really it’s just part of being intentional about setting up your business so that it reflects the values that mean something to YOU!

Should you be looking for a little reminder of your own, Worthy Wands is here to help you claim your worth. We are here for the people just starting their self love journey. We are here for the entrepreneur, the stay at home mom, the artist and everyone in between. No matter where you are in life we can help you remember how worthy and deserving of love you really are.


All my love,

Amanda xo - Chief Worthiness Officer - Worthy Wands


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